Mediums vs. Psychics: Is there a Difference?

Mediums, Psychics and Society

Psychic Readings are popular with many different groups.

If you want your fortune told or wish to speak with a long lost relative, it isn't difficult to find a psychic or a medium in today's supernatural-obsessed world. Before the digital age, psychics and mediums were usually found at traveling circuses, annual carnivals and town fairs. Today, it seems impossible to go a day without seeing an ad for a psychic hotline or a medium's best-selling memoir. Even if you don't believe psychics and mediums are real, the combination of newspaper advertisements, television commercials and pop-up Internet ads selling seers' powers can be an overwhelming presence that's hard to resist.

A large slice of the U.S. public is consulting a psychic or medium for guidance or advice. The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life reports that about 1 in 7 Americans met with a psychic or fortune teller in 2009. However, to participate in a one-on-one reading, prepare to dig deep into your pockets for some hard-earned cash. To chat with a psychic on the phone, you can expect to pay an average of $3.99 per minute, and the rate could increase during the call. The cost of personally meeting with a psychic usually depends on the years of experience, ranging in price from $50 to $100 for a one-hour reading. By comparison, mediums have been known to charge upward of $200 for a single, one-hour reading, but in some places, it's possible to meet with a medium for a much lower cost or even for free! Spiritualist Churches -- often owned and operated by mediums -- sometimes offer Mediums' Days, where they'll provide their services to the public for a small donation, or in some cases, for no charge at all.

Regardless what (or if) you pay for the services of a medium or psychic, as long as you know what to expect, you'll most likely have a good time. Even the most renowned mediums won't be able to grant you a long, in-depth chat with a deceased loved one, as speaking with the dead is not an exact science and usually involves more images than words. But if you're open-minded and looking for a glimpse of paranormal proof, a message from a deceased loved one or even some otherworldly guidance, seeking out a seer may be right for you.


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