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10 Celebrities Who Use Psychics

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by: Alia Hoyt
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Patrick Swayze and Sarah Jessica Parker
Kevin Winter/Getty Images for CDG | Venturelli/WireImage
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These two stars didn't take part in a session together, of course. The late, great "Dirty Dancing" star was married to his wife for 34 years. Parker has three children with Ferris Bueller himself, Matthew Broderick. Both pairs reportedly decided to address marital troubles, but rather than head to a professional marriage counselor, each couple turned to a psychic. It's not clear exactly what these clairvoyants provided in the way of couples bonding, but Swayze credited his paranormally-gifted confidante with getting his marriage back on track. Broderick has allegedly not taken such a shine to the process, but endures it for the sake of his marriage.

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