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Matt Roloff from Little People Big World chat transcript. See more pictures of the Roloff family.

On December 16, 2006, hosted another live chat event with Matt Roloff of Little People Big World. Here is a transcript of the event. Look for new episodes of Little People Big World in March at a new time, Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Matt: Amy and I and the family are overwhelmed with all the positive response we're getting from everyone about our show. We're appreciative of everyone's positive response, and we look forward to answering a few questions tonight.

Digger: Are Jacob and Mike OK after that terrible accident? What happened?

Matt: They are going to be fine. There are definitely some scars and bruises, but both of them are up and about. I think Jacob was up the day or so after the accident, walking around. I noticed today that he has his bandages off and he has a pretty nasty scar under his chin that will be permanent. Jacob also has a scar on his forehead, above his eyebrow where he got nailed. But he's going to be fine.

Ricky: Is Jeremy still dating his girlfriend that he took to prom?

Matt: Actually Jeremy is not dating Sarah any more, but he has kind of opened himself up and is seeing some other young ladies. Maybe I shouldn't be answering this without him around!

Kate: So Matt, how did the pumpkin crop turn out this year?

Matt: The pumpkin crop was fabulous. I think we grew 4 times as many pumpkins as we did last year. Unfortunately it was still not enough, so we had to import some. But we had tremendous response to folks wanting to come in and see the farm and purchase a pumpkin. It was a lot of fun - people took photos with us, and it was a real rewarding time. Next year we'll plant even more acres. We're consulting with soil specialists now to see if we can get more yield per acre.

Hober: First, I want to thank you for allowing us fans to share in your family lives. Just saw the episode with Chance - can you give an update on him?

Matt: I was going to try to get a call in to him today, but I've heard he's doing quite well and getting acclimated to his new family. He's happy to have a home that's nurturing him and taking care of him.

Webps: What is your favorite episode of

Matt: I think the camping episode sticks out in my mind, where we went and kind of hung out. That was probably one of my favorite episodes.

Riggs: Hey Matt, I heard you guys had some bad weather over the last few days. How did the peach orchard do with all the high winds?

Matt: Our peach orchard is something we're reevaluating this year to decide whether to continue with it. The pumpkins were so successful that we're trying to decide whether to eliminate peaches and just go with pumpkins. With that said, though, the peaches didn't suffer particularly from the weather; however there's a good chance we won't do peaches next year and will just concentrate on pumpkins.

Mollynkevin: Matt, do you ever find it just exhausting to have that camera crew in your personal life all the time?

Matt: I think it's exhausting just to be Matt Roloff! I live a very full life. I think it's true that it's exhausting just doing what I do, and the camera crews add another level to that. So it's exhausting and energizing all at the same time.

Shalitaus: What words of hope would you give someone going through medical problems?

Matt: There's always light at the end of the tunnel. I think you have already used the right word when you said words of "hope." Hope is having dreams, thinking about the future - these are what sustain us during difficult times. Stay focused on what might be or what could be or what can be if you keep your spirits up and stay resilient. My dad always says just to put one foot in front of the other.

Kits4: A constitution for little people was drawn up by the Billy Barty Foundation. How does yours differ?

Matt: As many of you may know, Billy Barty unfortunately passed away some years ago. The purpose of non-profit CoDA is very similar to what Billy Barty attempted to do for little people in years past.

Dreyna: I love your show!! I commend both you and Amy on your parenting skills. Any advice for myself as a future parent?

Matt: I think just keeping the communication lines open. Even when you're frustrated and you want to bark back, you have to exercise restraint and realize that there was a time when you were once in this mindset that they're in. Never forget that. Just realize that your children are going through what you might have gone through, and appreciate the differences in personality and mindset that everyone as individuals goes through.

Malkaa: You have inspired me to turn a medical situation for me into helping others that suffer the same condition. What would be your advice to get started?

Matt: The first thing is to see if there's an existing non-profit organization that you could participate in with your time and resources. If not, consider starting your own non-profit that's dedicated to these specific needs.

Bobby: Are you working on any other products to assist little people?

Matt: At the moment we're exploring several other products for airplanes and grocery stores and public restaurants.

Ohiochick: How is your dad, Matt? After watching your show every weekend, your parents are wonderful people.

Matt: My folks are doing great. They've been traveling the last couple of weeks and will be visiting Zachary, who's undergoing his surgery soon. They're doing very well, they're very active, and they're out having a great time.

Dusty: Are you still traveling to talk to schools about little people? If so, what states do you visit?

Matt: With my current schedule and working full-time selling software, it's become increasingly difficult to spend as much time talking in schools as I would like. However, I do try to do it from time to time, and it's something I certainly enjoy doing. I wish I had more time to talk to kids in school but I don't have anything scheduled at this point.

MumfmLsbrg: Hi Matt. Sorry if this has been asked, but have you considered a corn maze?

Matt: Yes, we've considered a corn maze but I don't think our property is conducive to that activity. I think that the attractions we offer differentiate us from those that offer a corn maze. We're looking at a number of new attractions that we think will be every bit as interesting as those that are able to offer a corn maze.

Burns58: I wanted to know how traffic on the farm has changed since the show started?

Matt: When we're open for pumpkin season, it's been amazing how many people come visit us to buy pumpkins.

Angela: What's the furthest person you had come to your pumpkin patch?

Matt: We've had people from all over Canada. I recall New Jersey, Florida, Texas... I'm sure we had visitors from other countries. But it just seemed like people came from all over the world!

Charlotte: You mentioned on one of your previous shows that because of your bad hips, you may end up in a wheel chair. Is it possible for hip replacement with all the new medical work they have done in that field? Love your family and love your show, keep up the good work.

Matt: Hip replacement has been something I've continually considered throughout my life. However, currently I'm not in a tremendous amount of pain so the doctors continue to recommend against such a drastic procedure. Thank you for your kind words regarding our family.

Crimepuppy: Can the episodes of your show be purchased?

Matt: As I understand it, the first season is now available at We hope to release a DVD for the second season too. I think iTunes offers the episodes as well. You can also purchase the documentary that originally aired, "Little People Big Dreams" at the Discovery Store.

Kinko27: Do you ever plan to move from the farm?

Matt: Not at the moment, no! Amy and I have discussed this over the years, but the farm is such a big part of our lives that it's difficult for us to imagine moving away from our home.


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