Meet the Twins

Meet the Twins

Jeremy and Zachary are the twin boys from Little People Big World. See

They may be fraternal twins, but Zach and Jeremy Roloff are in stark contrast to each other. Jeremy is average height and Zach is a little person, just under 4' tall.

A dedicated student, Zach does very well in school, bringing home a steady stream of As and Bs. He is also very athletic and has played soccer for most of his life. He even coached his own soccer team, The Grasshogs.

Jeremy takes after his father, and is most likely to get excited about Matt's projects and schemes.

Zach is his mother's son and doesn't hesitate to criticize his father. Zach's short stature is the result of achondroplasia, which has caused serious complications to his health. Years ago, a shunt was implanted into his skull to drain excess fluid from his brain. In April 2005, a piece of the shunt broke off and Zach underwent emergency surgery to repair it. He underwent a similar surgery in January 2006.