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Accident At the Roloff Farm

posted: 01/17/11
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Explore Roloff Farm from Little People Big World. See pictures of the Roloff Farm.

Update: 11/10/06 11:00 AM ET/PT

Matt and Amy released this video where they thank fans of the show for their continued support and well wishes for Jacob and Mike.

Update: 10/30/06 5:58 PM ET/PT

Jacob is now recovering with his family at home. The family is enjoying their time together and appreciates all of the fan support that has been expressed.

Update: 10/30/06 5:58 PM ET/PT

At approximately 5:30pm PST on Saturday, October 28, an accident occurred at Roloff Farms, featured in TLC's hit series "Little People, Big World,"that injured 9-year-old Jacob Roloff and family friend Mike Detjen, 58. Below is a letter from Matt Roloff that provides more detail.

TLC cameras were taping footage for the series at an alternate location when the incident occurred. The incident was not part of production of the series.

The thoughts and prayers of everyone at TLC are with Jacob, Mike and the Roloff family and we hope for a speedy recovery.

Well-wishers may send their thoughts and prayers to the Roloffs via e-mail (click here to send an email).

Any get well gifts such as cards, letters, balloons or stuffed animals should be sent to 5289 NE Elam Young Parkway, Suite F-100, Hillsboro, OR 97124

Please check back to this page for updates.

Below is a letter from Matt Roloff that provides more detail:

Dear Friends,

Thank you all for the many well wishes and especially the prayers regarding Jacob's and Mike's terrible accident on Saturday.

Here is what happened: While Jacob and Mike were readying to launch a pumpkin, the winch that cocks the trebuchet (a catapult-like device) prematurely triggered. Both Jacob and Mike were then struck several times by a 2,000 pound block of concrete that acts as a counterweight and powers the motion of the trebuchet. A nearby crowd of seven to eight large, strong men who were visiting Roloff Farms on Saturday rushed in to help, pushing the block off of Mike. One of the men carried Jacob, who was initially knocked away by the trebuchet, into Amy's arms. When this happened, I was in the house with the film crew doing an interview. Jeremy called me to tell me what had happened. 911 was called and ambulances were dispatched. They were both rushed to the hospital's trauma unit.

After arriving at the hospital, it was determined, based on CT scans, that Jacob had a dime size dent in his head and doctors then performed a procedure to relieve swelling and avoid any seizure or infection. Jacob's surgery went VERY well and he's expected to make a full recovery. Within hours of the procedure, Jacob was back in action, even playing Monopoly with his sister. He should return home within the next few hours.

Mike required substantial stitches, as well as some precautionary X-Rays and CT scans, but otherwise escaped more serious injury He is also expected to make a full recovery and I'm thankful that he was released from the hospital today.

Right now, we are holding our children all a little closer, and focusing on Jacob's and Mike's recovery.

Thank you again for all the well wishes and prayers...and thank you to all our visitors yesterday who jumped in to assist with this unfortunate accident.

Best to you all, Matt

*note: This detailed account was originally written by Matt Roloff to update family and friends, but Matt also wanted fans of the show to have an update as well. This note has been edited for brevity from its original version.

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