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Well Wishes For Jacob, Mike and the Roloffs

posted: 01/17/11
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Well wishes for Jacob, Mike and the Roloff family from Little People Big World. See more pictures of the Roloff family.

Since the accident that affected Jacob and Mike occurred, we have received over 1,000 e-mails from fans of the show and concerned individuals. The Roloffs are appreciative for your concern and prayers during this time.

Read a sampling from the inbox below or send a note to Mike and Jacob by clicking here.

Also, check our news update page for the latest on Jacob and Mike's recovery.

Fans' Get Well Wishes

As a fan of the show, I was saddened to hear of Jacob's accident. I'm very happy that he will make a full recovery. My thoughts and prayers are with him and Mike at this time.

Best wishes, Brian

So very concerned upon hearing that little Jacob had been injured, and very relieved to hear that he was going to recover. I also have a 9 yr. Old son, Devan, and a 15 yr. Old son, Dylan. We love your show and your family very much. I got such a kick out of the episode where Jacob and Molly were arguing over the computer and Jacob yelled, "You just want to get on Runescape!" boys are also obsessed with Runescape! (and argue over computer time!) Our prayers and well wishes are with all of you. Get well soon Jacob!!!


Hi Jacob,

I just read an update on your accident and am glad to see you are doing well. I was on the Marnier of the Seas cruise with your Mom and Dad, but didn't meet them personally. I watch your TV show weekly and even tape it whenever I'm not going to be home. So I feel that I know everyone even though I haven't met any of you. I admire your family very much and hope you continue to get better.

God Bless, Wanda

Roloff Family,

I just wanted to let you know that you are in my family's thoughts and prayers. As soon as I heard about the accident, I hurried to the TLC website to get the details regarding this horrible event. I am terribly sorry that you all have to go through such an experience. Like I said, you ALL are in our thoughts and prayers! You are such an inspiration to all who watch and I just want to show you gratitude for what you all do each and everyday. I wish Jacob and Mike a speedy recovery!

Best wishes, Your Biggest Fan Sara

Hi -

Just heard about the accident tonight and was glad to see it was good news on the website.

Your family has worked your way into the hearts of so many people -- we love you because you are real and wonderful. Thank you for doing the show and making it wholesome and engaging.

I'm praying for your continued and speedy recovery. God bless you all.


Dear Roloff family,

We just read about the accident and wanted to write and say that Jacob and Mike will be in our prayers. We feel so close to your family after watching for the last year. We wish we could tell you how much we absolutely love watching and learning about your family. We love each and every one of you.

Sincerely, The Custers

Dear Roloff Family:

I am sending this email for my 78 year old mother and 82 year old dad who are huge fans of your show. When I told them about the accident they made me get on the Internet and get all the details. I explained to them that Jacob is doing well and recovering at home. They love your show so much. My Mom just loves Amy & Matt and admires you both so much. She said please tell them how much we love them all.

God Bless you, The Andres

O my gosh! When I heard my heart just dropped I love all u guys and wish you all the best I am so glad to hear they are all right. Wishing you all well take care, God bless love you all, you are a great family and great people. I enjoy every show.


Dearest Roloff Family,

My heart sank when I came onto the TLC site and saw the accident news! I was horrified for all of you. Thank you to Matt for allowing TLC to publish an account as to what happened to Jacob and Mike, and for letting all of your extended family know how they are doing. Thank God they are recovering.

They both are in our prayers until we read the update that they are both back to their usual selves and back to making us all smile once again on the show.

God Bless you all, and hugs to Amy and Matt as they are worrying over their sweet boy and dear friend.

Regards, The Albeck Family

Hey you guys, I just read about what happened to Jacob and Mike and I am deeply sorry to hear about it. I understand what it is like to have an accident involving a family member and how difficult it is to recover. I am thinking of you guys and am hoping that everything will turn out fine in the end. So in conclusion, Jacob, get better and back to normal and best wishes to the rest of the family and congratulations on the success of the show!


Dear Matt & Family,

We just learned of the accident involving Jacob and your family friend. We are happy to hear that both are recovering and full recoveries are expected.

We watch and enjoy your show weekly, and as others have said, we feel you are a part of our family.

God Bless, The Wilsons

I have gotten to know the Roloff family by watching the show and I was saddened to hear about the unfortunate accident. Please tell Jacob and Mike that my thoughts and prayers are with them. I hope there is no permanent damage. The update sounded good, but as a mother I worry for everyone!

Sincerely, Deb G.

Dear Roloff Family,

We're glad to hear that Jake is on his way to a speedy recovery. Please know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers.

God bless, The Ardeleanu Family

Dear Roloff Family,

I, like so many others I'm certain, consider that you are all members of my own extended family. By inviting us into your lives each week, you have opened so many doors for other little people, and educated average height people like myself, and have bridged a long held gap. Thank you so much for your generosity.

My prayers are with Jacob, Mike and the entire Roloff family - I know how close you all are, as it comes through with each and every glimpse into your lives. God be with you all, and hold you tightly until Jacob and Mike are back to their regular antics.


Hi Jacob and family,

We were so sorry to hear about the pumpkin launching accident. CNN just had the accident on the news even though we found out on your site it happened Saturday. My family and I watch you guys every weekend. I'm glad you're doing better Jacob. You seem to get the most bumps and bruises, maybe you better wait until you heal before you guys put in a zip line! Your family has almost become a little part of ours and we wouldn't want any of you to be hurt again.

Take Care, GOD BLESS! Corey & Family

To the Roloff ohana:

You are in our thoughts and our prayers. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Jacob and Mike. Malama pono e a hui hou!

Aloha, Pualani

So glad to hear both are doing well. Have been a big fan of your show since it started, I feel as if I know the family and love to be a neighbor. Best wishes for a full & speedy recovery.


I have been watching your series since it started and was saddened to hear about Jacob's accident. I hope he has a speedy recovery and that he get's to return home shortly.

God Bless, Jennifer

I just wanted to let you know that you family is in my prayers. Godspeed.


Dear Roloff Family,

I am so sorry to hear about the tragic accident that took place on Saturday. I am however, delighted to hear that Jacob and Mike are on their way to a full recovery. I cannot even imagine the horror that you all faced that day.

My thought and prayers are with Jacob and Mike as well as your family.

Get well soon Jake. You are a superstar. :)


I love the show. I haven't missed an episode. I will keep Jacob and Mr. Detjen in my prayers.


We are so sorry about what happened. I returned home from work and my husband first said, "Guess what happened today? Jacob was hurt." and I knew right away who he was talking about. I feel like you are part of my family and I told him to get online to see if there were any updates and this is when we came across your website and a note from your dad!

Get well soon! We are praying for you and be careful! Hope to see you on the show soon!

Kim and Bryan

Dear Matt & Roloff Family,

I am very sorry to hear about the unfortunate accident concerning your son Jacob and friend Mike. My family and our prayers are being sent to you and yours. After reading your letter on the site, we all feel better and a sigh of relief for your family and friends.

We love the show. I am a mother of three sons, which are all grown now. I must say you and Amy are doing a great job with raising your family. It is the hardest job in the world.

I am looking forward to one day meeting your family if ever in Oregon and touring your farm. May God Bless and keep you all.

Mrs. Pugh

I was stunned to hear about this accident. We visited your farm last week. We had a wonderful time.

I am so relieved to read that both Jacob and Mike are expected to be okay. What a scary thing this must have been! God is good and I am sure it was He that prevented this from being any worse.

I will continue to pray for full recoveries and for the entire family. The crowds I witnessed tell me that many people have come to love your family and I know there are many, many out there praying for you all.

Hope to hear all is well very, very soon!


Dear Roloff Family,

I am so glad to hear that Jacob and Mike are doing well and no one was seriously injured in this horrible accident. I am sending my prayers to the Roloff family and Mike and praying for speedy recoveries for both Jacob and Mike. Many blessings.


We're so glad they are both okay. Our whole family was very concerned. We all learn from your family and enjoy watching! Thank you!

Dave, Angee, Alex and Dylan.

Dear Roloff family,

Hi. My name is Kelsey Vanwey. I watch your show regularly as I am a "little person" also. I have a severe form of Osteogenesis Imperfecta (brittle bone disease). I am 14 years old.

I wanted you to know I am praying for Jacob and your family during this difficult time. I hope he makes a speedy recovery.

I enjoy your show and being able to relate with a family who knows the things I go through daily.

Praying for you!


Hello, Roloff family

I just heard the news today about your son Jacob, it saddened me to find out he and someone else was injured. I went to your website and found out more information, and was happy to find out that everything is going to be okay. I'm a big fan of your show. It felt as if one of my own family members had been injured. May God bless and a speedy recovery to Jacob and family friend.

Kay Dear Roloff Family, As an avid fan of your TV show, I was quite surprised to hear about the accident on Saturday. I just wanted to let you know that you have several families in the Newport/Waldport, Oreg. area praying for Jacob and Mike's speedy recovery tonight. We are also thanking the Lord for being with all of you in your time of need and for continuing to bless your family with all you need at this time. Jacob, keep your chin up. Honey, the Lord is with you. May God continue to bless and work His miracles through you. The Bender Family Our local news briefly mentioned the accident, and after reading the update, I am so glad everyone involved is going to recover and be all right. Prayers of thankfulness and well wishes go out your way. My family and I have become quite attached to your show, and really enjoy it. Sincerely, Michelle

To the Roloff Family,

I watch Little People, Big World almost every time it is on and TLC is without a doubt the only channel ever on my TV! I just wanted to leave a note and say that I am happy to hear that both Mike and Jacob have been recovering well so far and I hope they are back to 100% soon!


I was devastated to hear about the accident. I watch your show every chance I can get and feel like I know your family. I am thinking of you and hoping for a quick recovery!


I am so thankful Jacob is going to be alright. ALL of you are in my prayers. Having an ill or injured child can take a toll on you so please take care of yourselves also.

Hugs and prayers, Melissa

To the Roloff Family,

Today, I heard about the accident on your farm and I just wanted to wish Jacob and Mike a fast and easy recovery. You guys really have an amazing family and it can be inspiring to watch you live your daily lives!

Glad to hear everyone is expected to be okay!


We love you up here in Montreal, Canada. Jacob and Mike, we wish you a speedy recovery. Your family is inspiring and we love watching you guys.


I'm praying for Jacob and your entire family. I feel as if I know you all so well. God Bless you! Please remember that you are all loved and in everyone's prayers.

God Bless you, Marilene

Our family would like to send our prayers to Jacob & Mike. We wish you both all the best!

The Nichols family

The Collins family sends warm wishes for a speedy recovery to Jacob and Mike and many thanks that no one was more seriously injured. Little People, Big World is a great show about the strengths and challenges for all families and the Roloffs are a great family.

All our best wishes, Janet, Garth, Colby, Macy and Sawyer

Dear Roloffs,

My name is Stacy and I am a huge fan of your show. I watch it every Saturday. However at this time, I would like to send my prayers with Jacob, Mike, and the rest of your family. I was very happy to see that everyone was ok. I am a God-fearing woman and one of the things I most enjoyed about your show is that your wife, Amy, always thanked God. May God continue to cover and bless your family, as well as Mike and his family.

Huge Fan, Stacy

p.s. Please tell your son Zach that he is a wonderful inspiration!

Matt, Amy, Jacob, Molly, Zach, and Jeremy,

I am sure that you guys have gotten hundreds of letters telling you they hope Jacob and Mike are doing well. As soon as we heard there was an accident and that Jacob had been hurt my heart sank. We watch the show and have since the first one. We feel so much like we know you and have such a high regard for all of you. I just wanted to say that I am so glad Jacob will be okay.

I am a new mother and could not imagine how I would feel if my kid got seriously hurt. You guys are such a warm bunch of people and you really put family first! In this day and age where people are afraid to teach their children right from wrong, it is awesome to see you guys truly trying to pass good values on to your kids. The very best to you all

Danny, Michelle, and Shaelin Wynn

Your show has been an inspiration to my family. We are sorry to hear about this accident involving Jacob and Mike. Your courage in life is what we all wish we had. God is faithful and we will believe for a complete healing. Hang in there. Keep teaching this world what family is really all about.

Praying for a speedy recovery, Kerry

We enjoy watching your show every week. Your family is inspirational to everyone. Keep up the great work. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jacob and the family friend who were hurt. Please keep us informed on how Jacob's condition is.

Mike & Margo

Dear Roloff Family:

My husband and I faithfully watch your show and have been touched by your experiences and appreciate the standards you place on faith, family, and love. Height is independent...we all value LOVE. I personally want to thank you for being such an inspiration; for turning what may be your challenges into victory. We certainly will be keeping both Jacob and Mike in our prayers. By the grace of God, their lives were spared and I pray that your family will indeed continue to hold each other tighter. Matt and Amy, you have something so special of a marriage and your children are a joy to watch. Here's to a speedy recovery for Jacob and Mike.

God bless, Carl and Melody B.

My thoughts are with your family and especially Jacob and Mike. I hope they make a speedy recovery. We love watching your show-you are a wonderful family.

Melissa & Brian

My kids and I are big fans of the show, so when I heard of the accident, I immediately felt sad and began praying that both Jacob and Mike would be okay. Thank goodness they came out fine without suffering major damage. My thoughts and prayers are with your family and we wish them both a speedy recovery!

We hope to see you all happy and smiling again in the upcoming episodes!

Warm Regards, Sandra and Family

Hi Roloff Family,

I was sad to hear about Jacob's accident. My family and I are praying for his quick recovery. We have enjoyed watching your family through the show. I really admire Amy's dedication to her husband and children and Matt's zest for life and adventure!

We are keeping Jacob and Mike in our prayers.

God Bless, Kelly

To Mike and Jacob:

The best of wishes to both of you and hope you both get better real soon. Take care and best of luck.

Sincerely, Kylie

May God be with you at this time in your life. We pray for Jacob and Mike's recovery. I know this is a trying time for Amy and the children. May God Bless and a speedy recovery.

The Barnetts

I am so glad to hear that Jacob and family friend are doing well after hearing about the accident. I am a big fan of the show and as a father, I know what if feels like to have a child injured. It is a scary thing to happen to any parent and my thoughts and prayers are with your whole family and the family of your friend.

I am sure that everyone around the country is worried about Jacob and the friend and everyone has your family in their thoughts. Well wishes to all.


My prayers are with Jacob, Mike, and the Roloff family. I have watched this show since the beginning and I somewhat feel that I am almost part of the family. I am glad to read Jacob and Mike are on the mend and pray there are no further complications.

God Bless Marilyn R.

My family and I watch your show on a regular basis and have enjoyed "getting to know you". When I heard about the accident this morning, I was so thankful to also hear that all involved were expected to make a full recovery. You are all in our prayers.


My name is Nicole and I have been a devoted watcher since the first episode and it breaks my heart as a fellow mom to learn of Jacob's accident. I will be praying for speedy recovery of your son and ask God to provide him strength. I know how horrible the feeling is when your child is hurt severally. I have been down that road with my toddler, but I know God's love and strength is with your family.

My thoughts are with you, Nicole W. and my daughter, Sara (2)

P.S. My two-year-old is saying, "Hi, Hi, Hi" as I am writing this to you.

Roloff Family,

My mom, sister, and I watch your show religiously and have fallen in love with your whole family. I am ashamed to say that prior to your show I thought that little people were somehow different in more ways than just size. Watching your show has educated me and opened my eyes to the fact you are not. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jacob and your family during this time and we wish him a full and speedy recovery. God Bless You.

Sincerely, Erika H


My family (my husband, 3-year-old son Gavin, and 6-year-old daughter Alexandria) and I watch your show on a regular basis. We admire and strive to achieve your determination to live life to the fullest. Last year Alexandria was in serious condition after a ruptured appendix. I now know the true value of life and have never taken advantage of it since. I hold my children a little longer and squeeze them a little tighter. I watch them sleep, I take the time to watch them laugh, and say, "I love you" every chance I have.

I am so happy to hear that Jacob and Mike are doing better and will fully recover. Accidents will happen, and I believe they do for a reason ... to get us in check and remind us of how precious life is.


Upon reading a short headline of the accident, my heart dropped and tears came to my eyes as if Jacob were my own. Matt's letter explaining the accident and sharing the news that Jacob was up playing Monopoly eased the fears that were running rampant in our house. We look forward each week to sharing in the Roloff's lives and thank God that Jacob will be okay.

The Osborn Family

Dear Roloff Family,

My thoughts are with you in this time after Jacob's accident. Your family is truly an inspiration and also just plain fun to watch. As I think of Jacob being hurt, I am comforted by the fact that you are clearly a very strong family. Even in the brief time that I've been watching your family on TV, I've seen you overcome both large and small obstacles with ease. So I'm sure that if any family could handle a child's injury, it would be yours. Once again, my thoughts are with your whole family and especially with Jacob.


My family and I watch your show all the time and really enjoy sharing in your family adventures. We are very sorry to hear about the accident at the farm and we wish Jacob and Mike a speedy recovery.


My family watches your show often. We are big fans! We were very sorry to learn of the recent accident. You all are in our thoughts and prayers. We wish you the very best and speediest recovery for Jacob and Mike.

God Bless, The Crowes

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