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posted: 07/08/13
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By Jen Arnold

The proverbial hardest thing for me right now, and I think for any working mom, is to balance work life and family. I sometimes feel like I have the perfect recipe for success, but then I find myself struggling like any mom; trying not to feel guilty when you're working too much, versus guilty when you're not working enough. There's a constant effort to make that balance.

This balancing act, so far, is working. Some days are better than others and I think the thing that I've learned trying to make it work is really about quality time versus quantity. That's really key.

Realize that no matter what you do, you're going to always wish you were in the other place, or feel like you should be in the other place; but that's okay.

As long as you have that quality time with your children it works out. On Saturdays, I started a "mommy and Will day," I'm hoping to get that at least once a month where it's just he and I. The first "mommy and Will day" was filmed for the show. It was the best thing I've ever done.

We went to a mommy and me yoga class, that was so much fun for him. We painted, we did things that he and I have in common like arts and crafts. Just sort of spending a special day.

Another thing I do when I come home from a long day at work and being away from Will, is grab a toy for him. I have my husband to thank for this idea. There's a pile of toys in the garage, so when I come home late from work I grab one of the toys and I bring it to Will and then he's like so excited. It kind of adds something extra special for him and I. Even though mommy has been gone all day it lets him know that I missed him, and was thinking about him.

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