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Viewers Chat with The Little Couple’s Bill Klein on Facebook

posted: 06/06/11
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The Magster
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Love your dogs! I have three of my own. How are your babies doing? - Michelle

The fur babies are sleeping under my chair as we speak... shhh...

How are things going with the dogs ? do you still have the two or just Rocky? - Stephanie

The dogs are doing great! They are still barking incessantly when the doorbell rings though.

Did you open up the doggie boutique afterall??

We are nearly complete with the petshop start-up stuff... the website and the retail space should be ready soon!

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Bill and Jen from TLC's the Little Couple

Do you find time long when Jen works long shifts at the hospital? - Kathleen

Jen works too often! I wish we had a lot more time together, but ya just have to let a girl chase her dream! And she's doing such a good job at it. Frankly, my favorite episodes are the ones where she is working... I am the very proud husband (and they don't let me in the NICU, like the camera crew).

How are you and Jen coming along in the new house? Me and my family are hoping that you all have a little one before to long! - Dana

We are excited to get into the house asap :) As for baby, we want that to happen in about 9.5 months from whenever it starts!!

How do you like the hot Texas weather?!! Any trips planned for the summer? - Jean

The brochure was correct - Its hot here in Houston... no rain is starting to bum me out... we need agua!

If not mistaken you're from Long Island, New York, are you a Met or Yankee fan? You're awesome so, maybe a YANKEE fan? - Liz

Yankees all the way!!!

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Bill and Jen accept the Gracie Award for The Little Couple. It won for Most Outstanding Reality Show at the 36th Annual Gracie awards.
Betty Chu

Why will I need Kleenex to watch the first show? (I can't handle it if something happens to one of the dogs...) - Nancy

The dogs are good. Watch tonight with a Kleenex anyway though :)

Bill how many episodes will air this season??? - Susie

24 Episodes this season... I'm not sure of the exact schedule though.

My question is how long does the camera crew film you guys on a day to day basis and was it weird at first with all the cameras around? - Caitlyn

The cameras follow us some of the time... but not all. As for getting used to it, after a while they seem to fade into the surroundings... less they knock something over :)

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Bill and Jen
Bill Klein and Jen Arnold

Have you and Jen had any luck with conception? - Angie

I can tell you we are definitely making progress towards starting a family. The details are in the show. :)

R u and jen still planning on the surrogate thing. You guys would be perfect beautiful parents! - Karen

We are still moving forward with surrogacy. Things are going very well.... momentum is strong!

I'm getting married in 25 days and you and Jen have such a strong relationship. Any advice? - Arley

Great question - My best advice is.. she is likely always right, so just assume it :) Makes for fewer arguments! As for our happiness, well we happen to stumble across our soul-mate. It doesn't take much work for us to be happy... Being near each other is more than enough.

Is Jen ever going to have a show of her own like the doctor doing medical questions and answers? - Lucy

You never know what the future holds... my vote is for Surgeon General :)

How many children would u and Jen like to have? How is Ur dog? He is so cute!! - Ashley

Awesome question and we were just talking about that... the answer... 2 or 3 kids (tops!).

I am a mom to Kyleigh (8), she has a heart condition that has required 3 open heart surgeries, we LOVE watching your show because it shows her that no matter what health condition you suffer from your health condition will NOT define you!!!! Do you have any advice for parents of special needs children and how you can help them accept their differences? - Crisse

While we are not parents... yet, I can tell you what our parents did. First, be fiercely aggressive in letting your daughter do whatever she wants to try to do. Second, open and honest communication about differences is healthy in my opinion. My parents were always straight with me, and let me define my limitations... even when they knew some things I wanted to do would be very difficult. - Say hi to Kyleigh for me...very pretty name by the way!!!!

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Bill and Jen's friends include two baseball-loving kids who are eager to help with baseball practice.
Photos: Bill Klein and Jen Arnold

Bill if I invite u and Jen over for dinner will u come? I only live an hour away! - Jessica

It depends on what's for dinner! :)

Have you ever thought about doing a "meet and greet" tour someday? I would love to meet you guys!! As a newlywed myself, I can relate to a lot of what you two have gone through and I appreciate the show! - Candice

We never put much thought into a meet and greet, but its not a bad idea. Thanks for the kind words... and best wishes for an awesome marriage :)

Have either of you thought about doing any USO tours or swinging by the USO in the DFW airport to say hi to the troops? - Valerie

I would be happy to do anything I could (and I am sure Jen would too) to support our troops. Many people enlisted after 9/11 which is near and dear to my family after losing my champion of an uncle, Dennis - FDNY at the WTC. If I am in Dallas, I will stop by. But let me work on that separately too!

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Bill takes to the gym.
Photos: Bill Klein and Jen Arnold

Everyone else has asked the Questions I was going to ask my daughter is CP & Autism and you give her so much inspiration to go do things"normal." - Penny

A major part of why Jen and I do the show is to break down barriers of what 'normal' people think folks with disabilities are capable of accomplishing. Jennifer is a great example that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Thank you for your kind words... and say, "Hi" to your daughter for me!

How do you keep people aware that you two are adults? I would love you like little kids, we would pick up and hug you. You are both so intelligent it is wonderful! - Patti

If you tried to pick me up, you'd be in the hospital faster that it would take for me to hit the ground. :) The facial hair gives it away too! But in all seriousness, we are still educating people that we are old. :)

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Bill Klein

Okay. While I am very much enjoying this chat... I am needing to get back to business :( Thank you all for the wonderful comments. Please help us get some more Facebook fans! Share it, blog it, make it viral! Jennifer is ultra-competitive and we are about 2.4 million fans behind Buddy :) Hi Buddy!!

I will definitely do more of these... so if I didn't get to your question today, please save it for next time and bring it to me! - Thanks for watching the show. Have a great week!


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