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8 Reasons You Need to Start Watching The Little Couple NOW

posted: 05/08/14

If you're not watching "The Little Couple," you should be -- it's one of the best, most heartfelt TV shows around. And, added bonus, you could learn a thing or two from this sweet family!

1. This Face...

...and this face.

2. There are awesome animals involved.

Rocky and Maggie, "The Little Couple" dogs, have been part of the family since before we even met Bill Klein and Jen Arnold. The two dogs are also famous for the pet store that was opened by The Little Couple in Houston, Texas -- which is named, of course, "Rocky and Maggie's."

In India, Will fed bananas to local elephants!

As a special birthday surprise, Will got to feed another wild animal, a giraffe.

3. They have a great love story.

4. They are just like us, especially when it comes to dealing with health concerns.

5. Like any parent, they call for backup when their kids get sick or hurt.

6. Jen is our hero.

7. You can learn how to be a cool (and super reasonable) mom.

8. Get the meaning behind #CAKECAKECAKE!

Pretty great, right?
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