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The Little Couple Episode Guide

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Episode 1: Waiting To Exhale

Our Little Couple make an appointment to determine Jen's lung capacity, an important test in determining her ability to carry a baby. But when Bill makes plans to fly to see a football game, will he be back in time to support Jen when the results come in?

Episode 2: Fish Tales

Jen flies to Orlando to attend the bridesmaids' dress-fitting with her brother's fiancee. While there, she goes fishing off the coast of Florida with her family. Back in Houston, Bill invites his best friend Dave to go fishing. Let the competition begin!

Episode 3: Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Our Little Couple have been invited to throw out the first pitch at a Houston Astros baseball game. But after practicing with some of Jen's new friends at friendly picnic, will Jen's debut on the mound end up with the strike that she was imagining?

Episode 4: Rocky's Revenge

We all know Bill and Jen love their adorable dog, Rocky...but has their love led to an unmanageable mutt? Bill is finally fed up with Rocky's antics as he recommends their beloved dog get training, but Jen has plans of her own - adopting a new dog.

Episode 5: Off to See Dr. Oz

Jen and Bill head to New York to appear on the Dr. Oz show to discuss skeletal dysplasia for a TV audience, but will their nerves get the best of them as they get closer to showtime?

Episode 6: New York State of Mind

It's a special Little Couple, as Bill and Jen honor the brave firefighters who were killed in the wake of 9/11 including Bill's own uncle Dennis. Things get even more emotional when they stop off to see Jen's close friend Manju who just had a new baby.

Episode 7: Boston Bound

After a busy weekend in New York, Jen has only a day to travel from New York to Boston where she will participate in SIM Center training. Rather than flying solo, Jen enlists Bill to come along, but things turn chaotic when they lose track of time.

Episode 8: All Work and Some Play

After relaxing in Boston, it's time for Jen and Bill to go back to work. Jen stays in town for medical simulation training, while Bill heads to Albany to visit one of his company's call centers.

Episode 9: On Track for Bill's Birthday

For Bill's 35th birthday, Jen has a big surprise in store. But when Jen presents him with a "big gift" Bill begins to worry that Jen's plans may be more for her than for him. Things get better when Jen surprises him with an experience of a lifetime.

Episode 10: Honey, Are You Wearing That?

Jen is asked by Texas Children's Hospital to emcee a charity golf tournament of doctors and former NICU patients who don their worst pants, but when the CEO of the hospital invites Bill to join his foursome, will his golf skills be better then his pants?

Episode 11: To Build or Buy?

It's been over a year and the question of buying a new home remains for Bill and Jen. Frustrated, Bill decides to call in the big gun -- Jen's mom. But will this push her in the right direction or further complicate Bi'll's plans for a final decision?

Episode 12: The Grand Opening

After a year of hard work, the Simulation Center at Texas Children's Hospital is about to open. As Jen prepares her staff for their launch, Bill heads to NYC to work on rebranding his own company. But as Jen's big day nears, will Bill be back in time?

Episode 13: Now We're Cooking

Bill and Jen take up a gourmet cooking class to spice up their meals at home. But the real challenge comes when they both meet up with their builder Miguel to sign the final paperwork on their new home. Will our they finally commit to their dream home?

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Episode 14: Houston, We Have a Problem

Bill and Jen are excited to see their friends Tina & David for the weekend. With plans to see the lot of their new home and visit a local beach everything is set. But when rain clouds threaten to ruin their weekend will our couple roll with the punches?

Episode 15: Baby Steps

Bill and Jen head to LA to explore the possibility of finding a surrogate mom. They'll learn of the genetic risks of having a baby and what kind of surrogate mom they hope to find. It's an intense day, but at the end will surrogacy still be an option?

Episode 16: Three Shops and a Baby Doc

Our Little Couple have a day off and Jen has only one thing in mind...shopping. But by the end, it is Bill who's caught the shopping bug when he finds a store that caters to men of his stature. Meanwhile, Jen awaits results from a fertility specialist

Episode 17: Family Matters

It's the holidays as Bill and Jen prepare to spend some special time with both their families. But before they set off, Jen makes an emotional visit to a patient at the hospital undergoing chemotherapy with a very special gift.

Episode 18: Before We Build, We Rent

It's moving day for Jen and Bill into their temporary rental. Things get crazy when Bill loses his watch that Jen gave him on their anniversary and when Rocky sneaks under the fence of their new backyard. Will the move be more problems than solutions?