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Bill’s Blog: A New Routine for a New Dad

posted: 06/12/13
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Bill and Jen take Will to a park in China before returning to the United States with their son. Follow Bill on Twitter @ReallyBillKlein

By Bill Klein

Question from a "Little Couple" fan: Has your routine changed since bring Will home? Can you walk us through your typical day?

Yes, it has changed a little bit! My typical weekday starts with Jennifer and me waking up around the same time. We huddle around the coffee maker, then somewhere around 6:30 to 7:00am, depending on what the day looks like. We hop in the showers real quick. Will is normally still sleeping, so I get to take a shower without it being like a fire drill. But, on occasion, he wakes up with us, in which case he's downstairs and eating breakfast while we're drinking our coffee.

He eats his meals in what we call it a "low chair." it's a high chair that has half of the legs removed. So, it's low for us, and he can get in and out of it without any help from us. And he'll chill out in there and eat his breakfast. Normally, he's on a Cheerio diet. Or, on occasion, we will do some sort of Greek yogurt, my wife got him hooked on it.

After breakfast, we clean up and we head to the living room. It turns out that he's addicted to the "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" show, that's on Disney. So we turn that on and we hang out for a little bit while we watch a little bit of the tube, play some cards, and go over some puzzles.

We're working on his English. He understands a lot more than he can speak because we are dealing with some fluid behind his ears, so he's gonna go for a couple procedures soon. So, hopefully, that will help him reduce the learning curve as far as speaking is concerned. But he understands a heck of a lot. I'm afraid of what's going to happen once he really starts hearing!

We hired a nanny for the weekdays, she arrives around ten o'clock and she works till about six. And that allows us to get to work. So then once she shows up, we do anywhere from a two-minute to a 10-minute hand-off of letting the nanny know: "This is what he did last night," or "This is how he's feeling."

Sometimes they play in the house, sometimes they go outside and I get regular updates during the day with text messages and pictures. Having a smart phone is awesome, I can't imagine what people did 20 years ago when they had babysitters and wanted to know what their kids were doing. Jennifer and I get posts and updates pretty much on the hour.

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