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posted: 01/17/11
Meet Dan from LA Ink. See
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Meet Dan from LA Ink. See more pictures from LA Ink.

Dan Smith was born in England but raised in New Zealand since the age of 6.

He got his first tattoo in the kitchen of a house of a few friends who lived by acclaimed tattoo artist, Dean Parken.

After years of inspiration from watching Dean Parkin and Dan Andersen work at Sacred Tattoo in Auckland, New Zealand Dan started tattooing in 2002 at the Body Art Shop in Adelaide, Australia.

As a tattoo artist, Dan has had the luxury of traveling all over the world including the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Holland, Hungary and now the United States of America.

Along with being a tattoo artist, Dan is also the lead singer for the band "The Dear and Departed" and have built a devoted following and boast quite a story, sharing stages with AFI, and avenged Sevenfold.

Dan thinks that it is important to be competent with all styles of tattooing but western traditional, lettering and music tattoos are what he specializes in.

Dan loves tattooing because it remains the one constant thing in his life. "Tattooing has been my backbone. It has got me through the hard times and has delivered some of the best."

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