Meet Craig

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Meet Craig

The first tattoo Craig Jackman ever did was on his own skin, which he considers a mistake because he never got paid. He won't reveal how he learned the trade or who taught him because he thinks that "some things in life should remain a mystery," but he will admit that tattooing was his first love. He began his career twenty-one years ago in Woking, England, but moved to California a few years later because he was tired of English weather and wanted to expand upon his tattooing experience. After working in a number of shops, he followed a natural progression toward creative freedom and opened American Electric in 1999 on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood.

Eleven years later, Craig still loves coming to work. He mocks everything and everyone, including himself, and he expects the artists who work with him to know that he takes nothing seriously, except for tattooing. He won't define his style because he can tattoo "whatever his customers want." They almost always become repeat clients, and Craig believes that it's the relaxed, light-hearted vibe of American Electric that keeps them coming back for more ink.