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Q&A with Terri Irwin from Australia Zoo

posted: 04/08/11
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Terri Irwin talks about the Gosselins visit to Australia Zoo. See pictures of the Gosselin family at Australia Zoo!
Courtesy of the Australia Zoo |

What 3 things were most memorable about the Gosselins visit to the Australia Zoo and with your family?

  • The fact that Kate cared so much about wildlife - especially koalas!
  • The children were so much fun and were not fearful of anything
  • Coordinating eight kids was easier than I expected!

How do you think Kate and the kids reacted to the animals?

They all seemed to genuinely love wildlife.

Do you think any of the Gosselin kids could have a future career at the Australia Zoo and if so, doing what?

Mady could definitely end up working at Australia Zoo - she is so passionate about animals.

What was the most memorable moment(s) between all the kids?

Hannah and Bindi stuck together like glue and seemed to have more fun together than with the animals and Robert had so much fun because there were so many boys.

As a mother, did you learn anything from Kate as a mom of 8, or vice versa?

I think that it was so nice to share the challenges of being a single parent and talk about the reality for women when more than 50% if women, through death or divorce end up facing life as a single mum.

What are your top 3 favorite moments with Kate at the Zoo?

  • The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital when Kate had the opportunity to name a baby koala.
  • Spending time with the tiger because Kate really connected and we had the chance to talk about Australia Zoo's conservation projects to save these majestic creatures.
  • It was also fun watching Kate because my kids are like two beautiful roses, while Kate is tending the whole garden.

For a new visitor to the Australia Zoo, what are the top 10 must-do activities?

  1. Connecting with your favourite animal because Australia Zoo is so hands-on.
  2. Watching all of the action in our wildlife show in the world famous Crocoseum.
  3. Feeding the elephants for FREE!
  4. Spending time in the kangaroo enclosure and appreciating the gardens.
  5. Testing your courage - whether it is holding a snake, letting an echidna lick food from your toes or having your photo taken with an alligator.
  6. Watching the Crocs being fed in our Environmental Park as they explode from the water.
  7. Eating a fair-dinkum meat pie.
  8. Getting a Bindi goodie from the gift shop.
  9. Touring our amazing Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital.
  10. Going on a free pony ride through the bush.

What are your top 5 conservation initiatives of the Australia Zoo?

  1. Our conservation properties including the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve with research projects
  2. Anti poaching tiger projects in Sumatra
  3. Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital and Australia Zoo Rescue Unit
  4. Save the Cheetah projects in Africa
  5. Projects to save the Elephants in Cambodia

What can you tell us about Steve Irwin Day? What is the message around the day and what can people around the world do to commemorate the event?

This Steve Irwin Day, November 15, wear khaki and make a donation to continue Steve's legacy. Visit for more information and KHAKI IT!

Steve Irwin Day on November 15 is all about celebrating the extraordinary life of the one and only Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin. The day represents the many things Steve was passionate about: family, wildlife conservation and FUN.

Here are some more ideas on how you can KHAKI IT on Steve Irwin Day:

  1. Encourage your whole school or workplace to wear khaki on Steve Irwin Day and make a donation to Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors;
  2. Have a camp-out in your backyard or lounge room. Invite your friends and ask for a donation for Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors;
  3. Celebrate at Australia Zoo on November 15.

A lot of people who are passionate about conservation want to do more than just donate money. What are top 5 things you would tell people that they can do in their everyday lives to make a real difference?

  1. Contribute to Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors
  2. To make a stand and refuse to eat or wear any wildlife products
  3. Be careful about transportation and walk, ride, use public transport or car pool
  4. Become a Joey Ambassador
  5. Conserve energy and turn off the lights

What does "Khaki It" mean to you?

Khaki is more than a colour. It's an attitude. It's a stand to do something positive in our world and a passion to make a difference. And when you make a difference - you KHAKI IT!

Khaki is a symbol of Steve Irwin, the original Crocodile Hunter and Wildlife Warrior.

At Australia Zoo and Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors - we continue the legacy of Conservation, Family and Fun that Stevo created - and every day - we KHAKI IT!

When you see that khaki uniform, it is a sign that somebody is there to get in and get their hands dirty and save an animal or campaign for wildlife conservation ...

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