Jon & Kate Plus 8: Season 3 Episodes

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EPISODE 1: Trip to the Zoo

The Gosselin family takes a trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo for the day, where they get a special behind the scenes tour of the exhibits. They entire family is amazed that they have the rare opportunity to feed giraffes, pet a penguin, and hug an alligator.

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EPISODE 2: Day in the Life

Now that the twins have started first grade, Kate is home alone all day with just the sextuplets. A glimpse of their daily routine makes it clear that there's no such thing as a boring day in the Gosselin house.

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EPISODE 3: Twins Turn 7

While the twins are in school, Jon and Kate prepare for the girls' seventh birthday party, which includes a special dinner out, and family celebration at home. Watch as they manage the stress of catering to two unique personalities on their shared birthday.

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EPISODE 4: Kate Hires a Nanny

Kate begins looking for a well-qualified nanny to take care of her 3 year old sextuplets and 7-year-old twins. While Jon stays home with all the kids, Kate hopes that after a day of interviewing she will be able to find the perfect and much deserved help she needs.

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EPISODE 5: Winter Preparation

With winter approaching, Kate struggles to find room in the house for the kids to play. After a well thought out shopping trip and some help from handyman Jon, Kate re-organizes the entire house to give the kids more space to play.

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EPISODE 6: Behind the Scenes of Jon & Kate

The Gosselin family has had their entire life chronicled by a camera for several years. Get an exclusive look at behind the scenes of the production process and how it has affected their lives.

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Jon and Kate receive about 150 emails every day from viewers who need answers. "How do you do laundry?" "Will you ever have more kids?" "How does Kate do her hair?" So Jon and Kate are spending half an hour answering the funniest, oddest, and most entertaining questions.

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EPISODE 8: Family Photo Shoot

The Gosselin family gets a new formal picture taken with a photographer who has shot the family since the babies were 6 weeks old. But no matter who the photographer is, it's never easy to get a perfect picture with eight kids who don't want to sit still.

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EPISODE 9: Potty Training the Boys

After much trial and error the boys are finally using the potties! Kate takes Collin and Leah for an eye appointment while Aunt Jodi keeps the other 6 kids. It is the first outing without any diapers!

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EPISODE 10: Kate's Wardrobe Makeover

Jon really doesn't care for the way Kate dresses, so he takes her out for some new clothes. While the kids are home with a babysitter, Jon and Kate make an unordinary date out of an ordinary chore.

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EPISODE 11: Twins Get Musical

The volume is turning up for Jon and Kate, as Cara learns how to play the piano and Mady the violin. The twins work in unison and put their parents' ears to the test as they practice for a special concert for the family.

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EPISODE 12: Gosselin Family Christmas

How do Jon and Kate manage Christmas with 8 kids? Well, their holiday season begins with Christmas caroling! After baking cookies together as a family, all 10 Gosselins get dressed up in their holiday outfits and visit special friends who have helped them throughout the year. Imagine their friends' surprise when they open the door to the Gosselins family singing. Then, Christmas morning brings surprises in the stockings and under the tree, plus Kate has planned scrumptious meals for everyone throughout the day.

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EPISODE 13: Cooking with the Twins

Since both Mady and Cara love helping Kate in the kitchen, Kate signs them up for cooking classes. But Kate chooses the wrong week to let them try out their new skills at home, because most of the family is sick with the flu. How do Jon and Kate take care of several kids at once while not getting sick themselves?

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EPISODE 14: Carpeting the House

Jon and Kate have hopes and plans to one day move out of their current home into a house that is large enough for them to live in forever. So, in an effort to increase their current home's value, they decided to re-carpet most of the house in just one week! This means that rooms must be completely free of furniture and people. How will they possibly do this with 8 kids in the house? See how this added chaos disrupts their already hectic home.

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EPISODE 15: Color Me Gosselin

Winter time is not fun when you have 8 kids in a cramped house looking for things to do. And since the Gosselins live in Pennsylvania, winters can be especially hard on them. In this episode, we are with the family during their first snowfall of the season. Then, in an effort to get everyone out of the house doing something fun, they take all the kids to visit the Crayola Factory, where they learn how Crayons are made.

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