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How to Look 10 Pounds Thinner on Your Wedding Day

posted: 04/11/13
by: TLC
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Rick and Leslie DeAngelo

I can't tell you how many of my clients proclaim they'll lose 10 pounds before the big day! Who doesn't want to look fabulous on her wedding day? Well, here are some helpful tips just in case your diet plan doesn't work out!

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A waist-defining belt means instant slimming.

Don't Go Bra-less

Lifting your bust to allow the bodice of your gown to fit properly is critical. Many brides opt not to wear the proper undergarment because they fear it will be uncomfortable. Specialty bra stores will usually allow you to buy several styles to try on with your wedding gown, then return the ones you don't choose. If you are a smaller cup size (A or B), then you may wish to have cups sewn into the dress for both support and comfort.

Add a Belt or Sash

Wearing belts and sashes is an amazingly simple way to emphasize your waistline. It's important to consider which area of your torso you want to accentuate. Experiment by placing the belt or sash across your natural waistline, under your bustline or across the dropped waistline. Once you find the most flattering spot, your seamstress can attach it for you.

Focus on Your Arms

Even if you hate to exercise, at least try some triceps and bicep curls for about 8 weeks up until your wedding day. Most wedding gowns are strapless or sleeveless, so if your arms are cut, you're sure to look amazing!

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This corset gown cinches in the bride's waist.

Choose a Gown with a Corset

The corset back is back! Realizing that women want tiny waistlines in their wedding dresses, many designers have incorporated the corset into their dress styles. A corset will allow you to cinch in your dress and make it as snug as you like. The snugger the fit, the smaller your waist will look.

Wear a Heel

Wearing a heel on your wedding day can make a big difference. But what if your fianc? isn't that tall? I recommend still wearing a small heel -- even if it's only a quarter of an inch, it will give you a little height, improve your posture, and help you appear taller and thinner.

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A fit and flare gown gives brides an enviable shape.

Consider a Fit and Flare Gown

It used to be that the A-line gown was the go-to flattering style for most body types, but favor has shifted to the fit and flare silhouette. This extremely popular style softly drops down over the hips and gradually begins to open at mid-thigh.

Get Good Alterations

I can't stress enough how important professional alterations are. It's worth every penny to have an expert seamstress fit your gown the way it is intended to be worn. When the fit is right, you'll look and feel right!

A version of this article originally appeared in Huffington Post Weddings.

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