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Leslie’s Designer Profiles: Reem Acra

posted: 05/13/13
by: TLC
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Reem Acra at Vows

Designer: Reem Acra

Studio Location: New York, New York

Designer's Aesthetic in 3 Words: Whimsical, intricate, regal.

Signature Silhouette and Fabric: Many call Reem Acra "The Queen of Beadwork." Her silk organza gowns and lush silk peau de soie dresses are finished with spectacular and intricate detail.

Most Popular Styles from Past or Recent Collections: Olivia, Orchid, The King and I (Search Reem Acra styles.)

Price Range for Reem Acra at Vows: $1,500-$3,500

How often does Reem Acra make it on the rack at Vows? Once every couple of months.

How long will the gowns stay on the rack before being purchased? 1-4 weeks

What type of bride wears Reem Acra? A bride who wants to exude luxury, glamour and style on her wedding day.

What is your favorite "I found it!" moment for a Reem Acra gown?

A bride had come into Vows numerous times specifically in search of Reem Acra gowns, but she always left empty-handed. Reem Acra was the only designer she could picture herself wearing. She knew everything about the designer, from her birthplace to her intricate beadwork patterns. One day, she came back in to retry a Reem Acra gown that she had previously tried on. She felt that the gown was still missing something because she wasn't getting that "feeling." We had just received a rare shipment of Reem Acra veils, and there was one veil in particular that was covered in Reem Acra's signature beading. The veil retailed for over $2,000! Barb placed the cathedral veil on the bride, and she finally had her moment. The best part was that the veil was only $99, and the gown was $1400. She saved thousands of dollars on her entire look!

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