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Leslie’s Designer Profiles: Lazaro

posted: 04/23/13
by: TLC
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Lazaro at Vows

Designer's Name: Lazaro

Studio Location: New York, New York

Designer's Aesthetic in 3 Words: Dramatic, glamorous, feminine

Signature Silhouette and Fabric: Dramatic silhouettes made of rich silks, luscious laces and opulent bead work.

Most Popular Styles from Past or Recent Collections: 3108, 3161, 3201 (Search Lazaro styles.)

Price Range for Lazaro at Vows: $1,500-$3,000

How often does Lazaro make it on the rack at Vows? 1-3 times a month

How long will the gowns stay on the rack before being purchased? 1-5 days

What type of bride wears Lazaro? The Lazaro bride wants an extravagant, dramatic look on her wedding day.

What is your favorite "I found it!" moment for a Lazaro gown?

A super glamorous bride came into Vows on a whim with a wedding date only two months away. She had already purchased two other gowns, but wasn't in love with either one. She wanted something that would really make a statement when she walked down the aisle. There was a dramatic Lazaro gown with a blue and purple tulle skirt displayed on one of the mannequins -- this gown would certainly make a statement. She tried on the gown and FINALLY found it!

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