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Leslie’s Designer Profiles: Jim Hjelm

posted: 04/23/13
by: TLC
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Jim Hjelm

Designer's Name: Jim Hjelm

Studio Location: New York, New York

Designer's Aesthetic in 3 Words: Soft, feminine, chic

Signature Silhouette and Fabric: Contemporary silhouettes with rich laces and luxurious fabrics.

Most Popular Styles from Past or Recent Collections: JH8210, JH8214, JH8011 (Search Jim Hjelm styles.)

Price Range for Jim Hjelm at Vows: $1,200-$2,500

How often does Jim Hjelm make it on the rack at Vows? 2-3 times a month

How long will the gowns stay on the rack before being purchased? 1-2 weeks

What type of bride wears Jim Hjelm? The Jim Hjelm bride understands quality and tradition, but she is also fashion-forward.

What is your favorite "I found it!" moment for a Jim Hjelm gown?

Amelia was communicating via e-mail with a bride from Canada about her dream gown: Jim Hjelm JH8011. Unfortunately, there wasn't a store within 100 miles from her that carried the designer. The bride shared that she had never tried on a single wedding gown, but knew this was the only dress for her after seeing it online and in bridal magazines. Amelia advised her to fill out a Gown Locator form on This way, if the gown ever came into Vows, we would contact her immediately. Six weeks later, it came in and Amelia called her with the good news! When she received the gown, she fell in love. It was the only gown she ever tried on, and it was the only one she ever wanted.

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