Mama June Q &A: Weight Loss, Fame and Life as a Blonde

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The family shows off their Christmas sweaters.

What are some tips to help me be extra beautimous?

Mama June: You don't have to do a lot of makeup or whatever. Just take care of yourself, take pride in how you look. There are some days I look homely like hell, but beautimous comes within yourself and if you're happy with yourself, that's all that matters.

Has all the fame gone to the other girls heads?

Mama June: No. Pumpkin is the funniest with it. One time we were at a BBQ house and someone said "Omg, you're Pumpkin from Honey Boo Boo!" And she looked at the woman and said "Who's Pumpkin? I don't watch Honey Boo Boo."

Do you miss having Glitzy the pig and what is a really good budget meal?

Mama June: No, I don't really miss having Glitzy. A good meal for a budget would be BBQ chicken and rice or sketti or pork chops and mushroom soup with potatoes and green's kinda like a multi meal.

I grew up about 10 minutes north of where you live right was a blast! I miss it. Do you ever see yourself living anywhere else?

Mama June: No, maybe Florida. But we're so involved with the community. I wouldn't want to leave everyone.

I love the LOVE that your family shows for each other, and I haven't laughed so much in my life! You guys are great!! What's your favorite episode you've made?

Mama June: Thanksgiving for the specials, but in the regular season when we went mud boggin’.

My question for you is, how did you handle motherhood at such a young age, and does it really get easier after two?

Mama June: Being a young mother, don't get me wrong, it was hard. I had a full time job and two kids before 17, but it's a learning game. Even at their ages now, I still learn somethin’ new every day.

My family loves all of you, but we worry about your foot! Have you had it checked lately?

Mama June: No. Every once in a while it'll flare up, but it doesn't look as bad as it does on the show now.

That's all I got time for now. Thanks for hanging out and chattin’ with me y'all!


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