The Gypsy Sisters Christmas Wish Lists

posted: 12/17/13
by: TLC

If anyone's an expert on buying gifts for a house full of kids, or on choosing presents with sparkle and flair, it's the Gypsy Sisters! We asked Nettie, Mellie and Kayla about their Christmas shopping and traditions. We also dared to inquire: Have you been naughty or nice this year? Get a taste of sugar and spice in this exclusive Gypsy Sisters interview!

How many children are on your holiday gift list?

Nettie: I've got 6 kids on my list. Four are my own

Mellie: I've got 6 on my list, but only one is mine.

Kayla: This year I have 14 kids on my gift list -- five are mine.

What's the most popular gift request among your kids?

Nettie: The girls want Abercrombie clothes, and the boys want trucks.

Mellie: An Xbox One.

Kayla: My daughter Danielle has asked for a car. She wants a Mustang.

What's the most expensive thing on your kids' gift lists?

Nettie: An iPad Air.

Mellie: The Xbox One.

Kayla: The car.

Tell us about your Christmas morning traditions.

Nettie: I let the kids wake up whenever they want. And it's the only day of the year I allow this, but they can make as much of a mess as they like.

Mellie: We always hide one present outside in the snow. The kids make a game of finding it.

Kayla: Our traditional Christmas morning is waking up at 5 a.m. to meet around the Christmas tree. We unwrap Christmas gifts together, then we eat a family breakfast of sausage and gravy biscuits!

What do your kids leave as a treat for Santa Claus?

Nettie: Homemade chocolate cookies.

Mellie: Cookies and milk.

Kayla: In our home, we always leave cookies and milk for Santa.

What's on your own Christmas wish list this year?

Nettie: I want to enjoy this Christmas without having any fights.

Mellie: Diamonds and gypsy peace.

Kayla: This Christmas, I asked to move out of drama city. I want to move to Charleston, West Virginia, near my brother and sister-in-law.

Have you been naughty or nice this year?

Nettie: Both! I would be good all the time if people kept out of my damn way and did what I told them to do.

Mellie: Naughty. I like to be bad.

Kayla: This year I've been nice. No matter what the situation has been, I've always tried to be the bigger person and keep peace all year long ... until Nettie and Mellie took me to a new level.

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