Gypsy Sisters: The GIFs That Keep on Giving

posted: 01/29/13
by: TLC

Can't get enough of gypsy sisters Nettie, Mellie, Kayla and Laura? Relive -- and share -- some of their finest moments again and again with these GIFs! (And click here to watch Gypsy Sisters videos!)

Kayla may be the perfect gypsy housewife, but she's also got a mad gypsy temper. That said, she's confident this fight isn't her doing -- and Annie and Laura are there to back her up.

What do you know? Mellie made it down the aisle, and Kayla couldn't be prouder.

Mellie is a bargain shopper. She dresses like a million bucks for a fraction of the price and explains her philosophy to Kayla.

Guess who's going to be a designer? Nettie believes in bling from birth.

Nettieis a born businesswoman, but she's not the best team player.

What can keep Mellie from reaching the altar? Cold feet, for one. And for another, a giant dress that keeps literally tripping her up.

Laura is good at lots of things, especially looking hot for her husband and cooking.

Nettie is full of advice. She thinks her little sister needs professional help.

Don't mess with Laura. Really. This isn't about you.

If there's a pot, chances are Nettie's stirring it.

The gypsy fashion aesthetic in a nutshell? Cue Laura

Nettie is the matriarch of her family, and as her cousin Kayla says, she's like a lioness. Better not mess with any of her cubs -- and that includes little sis Mellie.

Mellie makes a party wherever she goes. She knows better than to drink too much, but that doesn't always stop her. Case in point...

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