The 12 Days of Gypsy

posted: 12/02/13
by: TLC

As any Gypsy worth her bling will tell you, there's no place like West Virginia for the holidays! Succumb to the wintry weather and put on your coziest pink lounge pants -- it's time for a new season of Gypsy Sisters!

You could sit by the warmth of a roaring fire, but we recommend basking in the glow of the TV to catch up with Mellie, Nettie, Kayla and a few new friends. Get in the spirit of the season with this very merry, very gypsy countdown!

12 Layers of Ruffles

Mellie's marriage to Robbie might be over, but who could forget her custom Sondra Celli wedding gown?

11 Chocolate Truffles

Sheena and Kayla know quality chocolate when they see it. A gypsy can never have too much bling, but can she max out on chocolate?

10 Painted Nails

A gypsy is never fully dressed without a full set or French pedicure.

9 Gypsies Brawling

When families spend this much time together, things are bound to get a little heated -- and we're not talking your typical holiday-shopping-level skirmish. Get the story in the two-hour season premiere.

8 Pats of Butter

Gypsies love to eat, but no one loves to eat butter as much as Laura. She has no shame; she's the self-proclaimed Butter Queen.

7 Wasted Sandwiches

Annie's perfect picnic lunch? Ham and Pork-and-Bean Sandwiches, a gypsy delicacy that only she can stomach.

6 Fighting Words

Kayla knows she's one tough lady. She brings confidence to any confrontation.

5 Gypsies Blacktopping

The perfect gypsy housewife has very little experience blacktopping a driveway, but that doesn't stop Kayla from joining her husband for a hard day's work. The other gypsy girls aren't convinced the effort is worth it.

4 Gypsies Tanning

You call this fun in the sun? It's actually a lot of work to get the perfect gypsy tan. Trust.

3 Letters in a Tell-All Conversation

Mellie doesn't mince her words. She pulls the truth out of her sister with three itty-bitty letters. Why, indeed? You'll see in the new season of Gypsy Sisters.

2 Pregnant Bellies

Mellie and Dallas don't let their baby bumps get in the way of their favorite pastime.

1 Big, Happy Family

Look past the drama and you'll see that the gypsies are really just one big, happy family!

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