More Sisters, More Drama: New Season of “Gypsy Sisters”

posted: 10/29/13
by: TLC
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JoAnn, Annie, Kayla, Nettie, Mellie and Sheena -- the "Gypsy Sisters"

Matriarch Nettie Stanley, wild child Mellie and cousin Kayla return with tensions running higher than ever. With the family in a bitter divide, new members of the clan -- JoAnn, Annie and Sheena -- travel to West Virginia to help bring the family back together.

Tending to the family, cooking, cleaning and being a proper gypsy wife is the utmost priority, but these gypsy women are far from traveling in caravans and telling fortunes from a crystal ball. They strut their stuff on the streets of Martinsburg, West Virginia, dressed to the nines and engage in their favorite pastime: gossip! Though exchanging family secrets can lead to all-out war, these ladies don't back down!

Fresh out of jail and pregnant with her first child, the unruly black sheep of the Stanley troop, Mellie, stokes the flames of drama that surround her older sister, Nettie. The Stanley sisters, armed with verbal weaponry and fists of fury, are a force to be reckoned with. Nettie's feud with cousin Kayla comes to a head with a colossal gypsy brawl, and after the dust settles, the family is left in a bitter divide. Catching wind of the unfortunate details, sweet Stanley sister JoAnn travels from Tennessee to Martinsburg to help heal wounds. She hopes to bring the family back together, but when her new boyfriend decides to run from the law, JoAnn is caught between her gypsy family and her summer fling.

Kayla's fiery cousin, Sheena, and her younger sister, Annie, have both separated from their husbands and moved to Martinsburg to stay with Kayla for the summer. Sheena and Annie comfort Kayla as she licks her wounds after her brawl with Nettie. While Kayla vows never to associate with Nettie or Mellie ever again, can her house guests convince her otherwise?

Gypsy Sisters returns Thursday, Dec. 5 at 9|8c.

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