Couponing All-Star: Melissa

Watch Extreme Couponing All-Stars to see Melissa and other big savers go head-to-head in shopping challenges to see who can save more!

Meet Melissa, a New York mom always on the lookout for a steal. Coupons are Melissa's cash and over 15 couponing years, she's managed to save well over $100,000 on groceries and household goods. Read on to learn more about Melissa.

Occupation: Retail Supervisor

Location: Piffard, NY

Phrase: "Coupons are my cash."

Retail Value of Stockpile: $17,000

Memorable Couponing Quote: "I could coupon 24 hours a day. It's like legal shoplifting! You can leave the store with a ton of merchandise and not have to pay for it."

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