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posted: 04/07/11
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You too can be an extreme couponer! Check out the list of featured stores, resources, and more information. For more Extreme Couponing check out video, pictures, and play the coupon challenge game!


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Featured Stores

Ready to shop? Take a look at some of the super markets and stores featured on Extreme Couponing.

Tips From Extreme Couponers

Calling all couponers! Wonder how they do it?! Visit the websites of the extreme couponers from the show and get their tips.

Couponing & Shopping

Here's everything you'll need to know to leave the store with the best savings for you and your family. Check out a few TLC Family articles below.

  • Best Websites to Save You Money
  • Top 10 Marked-up Items in the Grocery Store
  • Extreme Coupon Tips for Novice Couponers
  • 10 Store Brands that are the Same as the Name Brands
  • Top 10 Groceries that Americans Buy
  • Top 10 Things that Never Go on Sale
  • Groceries Quiz: Do You Know the Price?
  • 10 Great Deals that Usually Aren't
  • 10 Ways Grocery Stores Trick You into Spending More
  • Family Budget Basics

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