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Meet Yukia and Yuneisia

posted: 07/24/14
by: TLC

Yukia and Yuneisia are more than just bridal salon owners who help curvy brides look their absolute best. Here's a little more about their background.

Yukia Walker-Harris, 36, has been married to husband Brandon for five years, and has a one-year-old baby boy, Elijah, and a two-year-old girl, Phoenix. Needless to say, she's not getting a lot of sleep these days! Yukia started out working in government contracting like her dad Alan, but has since transitioned full-time into the bridal business. After getting engaged, Yukia discovered that there weren't many dress options for plus-size brides. She wasn't able to fit in any sample gowns and she so disliked the dress she bought that she hasn't kept any photos of it. This experience sowed the seeds for Curvaceous Couture, a bridal salon for full-figured women that she started with her sister Yuneisia in her parents' basement. Yukia tends to focus on the business side of the salon, but she also keeps her eye on fabulous plus-size fashion.

Yuneisia, 33, is the baby of the family. She's a former cheerleader and full-time drama queen. After graduating from the University of Maryland, Yuneisia went into pharmaceutical sales, and now she's selling wedding gowns. She's currently single, and her sister Yukia is on the lookout for the perfect guy for her! The outspoken and super-personable Yuneisia knows that selling is all about relating to people. Using the experience of helping her sister find a bridal gown, she has become a confidante and best friend to other plus-size women all over the U.S. who flock to Curvaceous Couture looking for a sympathetic ear -- and a gorgeous wedding gown.

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