Yes, I Craft: 10 Celebs Who Get Crafty

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by: Sara Elliott
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Rosie O'Donnell published a craft-centric book called "Crafty U."
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Scrapbooking, knitting or dabbing a paintbrush in some watercolor paints to recreate the view from your kitchen window can be a restful and creative pastime. That quilted baby blanket you made for your new grandbaby, or the cozy afghan you knitted for your cousin in Minnesota helped to lower your blood pressure and gave your hand-eye coordination a workout, too. They also made thoughtful, creative gifts that might survive to the next millennium celebration and beyond. That's not a bad return for a few hours spent doing something you enjoy.

Is it any wonder that the rich and famous pursue creative outlets, too? We're not talking about the superstar ball player who collects classic cars and stores them in his stadium-sized garage. Plenty of celebrities like to craft homemade gifts for friends and family. Sure, they're in a creative industry, but that doesn't mean they don't have the time and passion to explore other creative outlets, too.

We've got the scoop on who likes to knit-one, purl-two and who prefers a paint brush to a glue gun. On the next pages, let's look at the crafty side of some of your favorite celebrities. You'll be surprised at who doesn't mind getting his(or her) hands dirty for the sake of art.

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