Top Ten Reasons to be Part of Your Framiglia

posted: 04/24/14
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Buddy with his son, doing what they do best.

You know how Sprint is all about friends and family -- or "framily"? Well "Cake Boss" star Buddy Valastro is all about his "framiglia" (he hasn't forgotten his Italian roots!). We thought it might be fun to list out the top 10 reasons we'd want to be part of Buddy's "framiglia." Click through and enjoy!

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Amazing Hoboken Cake

It's important to recognize your New Jersey roots when you're in the Valastro framiglia. Hoboken is a place of history: Not only was Carlo's Bakery born here, but so was our hometown hero (and fellow Italian American), Frank Sinatra. (Oh and it's pronounced "Hoe-bo-kin," by the way.)

The Cake Boss family takes Italian roots very seriously. Having a strong foundation and understanding of where you came from brings the Valastros closer together.

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Cake Boss Machine

Carlo's Bakery makes hundreds of cakes and cookies every day. In order to produce the large amount of baked goods, the bakers have to make huge batches of batter in an impressive machine.

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Items that Buddy helped Drew create during Bakery Boss.

When the Valastro kids enter the bakery, they know just where to find their favorite treat, and you will too!

A pie in the face is part of the initiation rituals.

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Joey and Grace at Carlo's Bakery

Italian meals are all about putting love into the food, so the Valastros put love into everything they do, from planning a romantic anniversary dinner to treating your sisters to a day at the spa.

It's Momma Mary's way or the highway. If you're fooling around and making a mess, you know that the Valastro matriarch will be close behind, ready to teach you some manners.

Carlo's Bakery makes approximately 5,000 cannoli's every day. You're guaranteed to learn to stuff a cannoli to perfection.

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Danny consulting with the crew.

Danny runs the show at Carlo's. He knows where everything and everyone is at any given moment. Think of him as the consigliere to Cake Boss world.

Ashley took her pal Ralph to get his first tattoo, and, in the process, she got another tattoo! It's a bonding thing for this feisty baker!

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