Breaking Amish Breakout Star Mary Schmucker’s Episode 8 Recap

posted: 11/07/14
by: TLC
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Read on to find out what made Mary so sad about this episode.

A beloved breakout star from prior seasons of Breaking Amish, Mary is the Schmucker family's beloved matriarch. She's known for her wisdom, sense of humor and devotion to her family. In this eighth episode recap of Season 3, Mary talks about hard work and recreation. SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't yet viewed episode 8, be warned that some plot points are revealed below.

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Read Mary's episode 7 recap. Miriam joined a crew on a construction site. Given what you saw of her behavior and work ethic, what kind of future do you think she'll have in construction?

Mary: I don't know how good Miriam will be at construction. It depends on what it is. I think she'll make a good carpenter or furniture-maker. It looks like she works really well with wood. The group went to the beach for the first time and were really amazed by it. How did you feel the first time you saw the beach?

Mary: The beach is so amazing to us Amish because we don't see it every year. It is something we maybe see once or twice in our whole lifetime. I didn't even know what the beach was growing up. I learned about the beach after I'd been married a couple years; I was at a friend's house and they were talking about it. The first time I saw the beach, it was kind of scary and the water made me dizzy. And walking on the sand was like the earth was moving. I was really scared. I like to watch the water, but walking on the sand and sitting close to the water? I'm not so sure about that. What did you think about the girls' bathing suits?

Mary: I did not like their bikinis. Being that they were Amish, they should've used more respect and not worn a two-piece. When Miriam left to go home, Matt had a private goodbye with her. Were you surprised by what he said to her? Do you think she'll be able to forgive him now?

Mary: Yes, I think Miriam will be able to forgive Matt because Matt actually came out and told her he was sorry. I think Matt's trying to get his things in order. I really think he's going to turn out to be a better person. I was really disappointed in Matt, but it looks like he's getting more in the flow of it and trying to straighten out. I'm really pulling for Matt now. After his successful performance, Bates commented that he thinks God made a mistake putting him in the Amish. Even if someone has a bad time growing up Amish, what kinds of things do you learn in an Amish community that make it worthwhile?

Mary: There are a lot of things that I would not give up that I learned from the Amish. People just have to realize that God never makes a mistake. It's just how you use [the circumstances] in growing up. For Bates to believe that, it's definitely a sign that he's really sad. But it really almost broke my heart that he said that. It tells me that he's emotional and he has a lot of issues to work out.

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