Breaking Amish Breakout Star Mary Schmucker’s Episode 3 Recap

posted: 10/03/14
by: TLC
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Mary Schmucker tells it like it is when it comes to the new group living in New York.

A beloved breakout star from prior seasons of Breaking Amish, Mary is the Schmucker family's beloved matriarch. She's known for her wisdom, sense of humor and devotion to her family. In this third episode recap of Season 3, Mary offers her insight into family heartbreak and avoiding temptation. SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't yet viewed episode 3, be warned that some plot points are revealed below.

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Read Mary's episode 2 recap. The girls were so excited to see a mirror in their room at the hostel. Do you have any mirrors at home?

Mary: I do now, but when I was growing up we never had them. I have no idea why I got one, but I use it every day. Bates and Matt wanted to bring the girls bologna to help them feel settled. Is it true that Amish girls love bologna?

Mary: Not all of them, but there are quite a few who do like it. They go more for brownies or saltine crackers. My favorite snack is pretzels. I buy the fat-free kind because I'm kind of on a diet. Everybody was a little confused by the brunch menu. Do you remember your first experience in an English restaurant?

Mary: When I went to a restaurant in New York for the first time, I was so disappointed. I thought they didn't have real food. I know exactly how the group felt [at brunch] when they got their food. You get these small portions that don't even look like real food! I still think it's strange. I don't know why they like to have their olive oil. There's a lot of things that are a privilege to have, but I think they're gross -- like dipping bread in olive oil. I cannot get over why anybody would do that! Let's talk about Matt. What did you think when he said he was single?

Mary: I thought right then he was a little fishy. He's somebody who likes to get his own way. I kind of thought he'd get back with his wife, and I honestly thought he'd stay on course. I didn't think he and Miriam would go that far. Miriam confronted him after she learned he was married. What would you have done in her place?

Mary: I definitely would've done the same thing that Miriam did. I'd be frustrated, mad. I would've maybe even beat him up. He definitely has to tell his wife. That's going to be a really bad situation, but he does have to tell her. He should also let her know he was drinking. A lot of times when people drink too much, there are situations that happen that wouldn't have if they hadn't been drinking. When Vonda told the girls about her boyfriend's death, Barbie expressed surprise that she opened up like that. If Amish girls don't talk about personal things with their friends, what do they talk about?

Mary: A lot of them talk about their work, what they're going to do next, what the next gathering is. Fun stuff. They keep it to themselves when they have a heavy heart. We were always taught to not complain and keep quiet. Now that they're settled in the city, who do you think is going to have the easiest time adjusting? The hardest?

Mary: Miriam will adjust the best because she's easygoing, and she's always talking and laughing. I think Matt is going to have a hard time now, after what happened.

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