Breaking Amish Breakout Star Mary Schmucker’s Episode 2 Recap

posted: 09/26/14
by: TLC
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Mary Schmucker is a wise and beloved Amish matriarch.

A beloved breakout star from prior seasons of Breaking Amish, Mary is the Schmucker family's beloved matriarch. She's known for her wisdom, sense of humor and devotion to her family. In this second episode recap of Season 3, Mary offers her insight into family heartbreak and avoiding temptation. SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't yet viewed episode 2, be warned that some plot points are revealed below.

Read Mary's episode 1 recap. Bates tried calling his mother to say goodbye, but she wasn't there. How do you think she must feel about him being gone?

Mary: That's a question upon a question! She was probably hurt, and in a way it is probably good she wasn't there. It gives her time to get over it before he talks to her. She'll definitely be angry at him, but she'll be better able to work it out when she talks to him. Vonda felt a lot of guilt about leaving her family. Did she make the right decision?

Mary: I don't know. I honestly don't know what to say about that, but I do know if she's not happy, she definitely did make the right decision. Miriam is relying on her sister to take care of her son, Aaron, while she's away. How do you think Aaron will cope without his mom around?

Mary: Definitely not good. All kids that age need their mom. He's going to have a lot of hardship and will probably be going through a lot. I'd tell her sister to give him extra love and play with him a lot to get his mind off of his mother. At that age, if he's not in school, he can help her with work, play horseshoes together -- there's a lot of things an Amish boy can do to get his mind off the sadness. Matt had a pretty angry goodbye with his family and walked off with his adoption papers. What's more important: maintaining a relationship with his adoptive family, or finding the family he came from?

Mary: Boy, you're tough today! You have to be going through it yourself to know what's right for you. There are so many people who were adopted who aren't satisfied until they find their family. For him to do that, it's going to help him a lot. I don't know if it will help him be a better father, but it's going to help put his mind at peace and help his marriage. Barbie promised Lester she'd come back to him. What sort of things do you think she'll discover about herself while she's away?

Mary: Barbie is so nice, she's probably going to find another boyfriend. My guess is she'll have the time of her life, and if she does, I hope he doesn't forget Lester. A girl that age as pretty as she is, she might not want to go back. Were you surprised to see the part of New York they're living in? Do you think it looks as dangerous as they thought it did?

Mary: Yes, I was really surprised to see them in that part of New York. From what I've experienced, it probably isn't as dangerous as it looks from our Amish point of view. Matt said that if he weren't married, he'd be interested in Miriam. What words of advice would you give him about avoiding temptation?

Mary: Those are dangerous thoughts. He has to remember that he's married. He made the choice to be married. And having thoughts about another girl while you're married is not a good thing. I would advise him to make sure this is what he wants to do before he goes on. If he wants to be married, he needs to let his wife know and talk about it. If he doesn't want to be with his wife, that's a different story. The group heard a lot of questions and teasing from strangers in New York. (Is it Thanksgiving? Why is there a coffee filter on your head?) How do you get past that? Does it bother you?

Mary: Yes, in a way it really does hurt your feelings. I know it hurt mine. I had to realize we're all new to them, just like they're all new to us. I know that people are curious, but I'd rather them ask if we're pilgrims rather than making fun of us, so we can explain who we are and why we dress the way we do.

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