Breaking Amish Breakout Star Mary Schmucker’s Episode 10 Recap

posted: 11/21/14
by: TLC
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Mary reveals something about her past -- it explains why she so deeply identifies with this young Amish group.

A beloved breakout star from prior seasons of "Breaking Amish," Mary is the Schmucker family's beloved matriarch. She's known for her wisdom, sense of humor and devotion to her family. In this finale episode recap of Season 3, Mary talks about life after the Amish leave. SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't yet viewed episode 10, be warned that some plot points are revealed below.

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Mary: Always be honest and respect each other. Bates has lost his family, his girlfriend and his place in the Amish community. He's headed back to New York to pursue acting. What do you think of his choice to return to the city?

Mary: I think it's probably much better for him. He'll have a better outcome and a better life. A lot of people don't understand that when the Amish go to a city, it's like going to a different country. It's going to be much better for him to go to the city and forget he even has a family. Do you think they'll eventually reconcile?

Mary: Probably not. I feel bad for those people when they leave because I had children who left, and I know exactly what they're going through. The Amish just don't understand that those who leave aren't trying to do wrong. They just want to experience a different life. They want a taste of what the English people have. I honestly don't think it's a bad thing; I don't think you're going to hell just because you left home. Matt is undecided if he'll raise his baby girl English or Mennonite, but he knows she definitely won't be Amish. What are the advantages to raising a child in an Amish or Mennonite home compared to an English one?

Mary: That child is going to have a much better life if he raises her English. Mennonites are no different from the Amish in some ways. Because Matt left the Amish, there's a scar there. If he tried to raise his child Amish, people would always make comments about it. Amish are hard people; they don't make it easy to forgive and forget when people do things against the rules. You've spoken fondly of your Amish childhood, though. So you think there is value in what the Amish teach their children?

Mary: I love being Amish. I love that I was raised Amish. But I also know what I went through to get where I am now. It wasn't easy; it was hard for people to forgive me for what I did. A lot of times, I just had to ignore them and just go on. When you say "what I did," do you mean visiting New York?

Mary: When I was 17, I left the Amish. I came back because I didn't have a place to be and I didn't have any money. The first place you look for at that point is home. And are you happy now?

Mary: Yes and no. I'm happy that I have a happy home and that I have everything I want, but I have half my family in the English world and half in the Amish. That makes it really hard. Vonda was in tears as she described how it felt to be welcomed into a church group with open arms. What is the feeling at Amish churches, and how is it different from that environment?

Mary: That's a hard question. There are so many different groups of Amish. Some groups will welcome you with open arms, but if you're not looked upon as being good, you won't be welcomed. Vonda will be much happier where she is, I'm sure. When Miriam was talking about being shunned, she said, "Hopefully the bonds I have with my family are stronger than some man-made rules." Can you tell us about your experience continuing to spend time with your kids who have left the Amish church?

Mary: I feel that our bonds are stronger than the rules. My family is worth to me more than the church. I can still seek God, I can still pray to God, I can still read my Bible. I don't need the church to tell me who I can see and who I cannot see. Any final thoughts about this season, Mary?

Mary: I hope that Barbie and Lester have a good marriage. And I hope Matt understands that if he wants a good marriage, he has to get rid of his mother-in-law. I was surprised to see that they're living on her property.

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