Halloween for the Amish

posted: 10/17/12
by: TLC

One of the Amish producers from "Breaking Amish" offers a glimpse of what Halloween is like in an Amish community.

As a child, I remember that Halloween was always a dreaded holiday for us in our community. My mom told us that Halloween was "Satan's holiday," and there was nothing Godly about it.

It seemed to be a holiday that the English (aka non-Amish) kids celebrated by smashing in all the neighborhood mailboxes, throwing eggs at our houses and, on occasion, even playing paintball against our homes. I will never forget our horror as we heard eggs breaking on the walls. Sometimes they would even come back for a second round. My mom would hold us close and comfort us. She'd ask us to pray for these kids.

There were times when we were coming home late on a Halloween night from visiting friends or relatives and the English kids would throw eggs at us and our horses. The eggs spooked the horses and they'd take off at lightning speed.

We never had good experiences on Halloween when we were growing up. To us, it was a day when English kids thought it was OK to vandalize other people's homes and property. We were taught that Halloween is not a holiday that you should be celebrating at all.

In this exclusive video, watch how Abe, Jeremiah, Kate, Rebecca and Sabrina react to being asked about their Halloween traditions!

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