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Russ and Paola: Where Are They Now?

posted: 09/25/14
by: TLC
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Russ and Paola share a sense of adventure that brings excitement to their marriage.
DCL checked in again with Russ and Paola to find out where they are now, after nearly a year of marriage. Watch their love journey unfold in this Best of Russ and Paola video playlist. Who's the better cook in your relationship?

Russ: Depends on the meal. If it is pancakes, that's all me. If it is anything else, it's Pao. Pao decided to become a vegetarian, creating a twist in her previous (and delicious) cooking style. What's your favorite meal or dish? Do you prefer home-cooked food or going out to restaurants?

Russ: My favorite dish ever since I was a kid has been chocolate gravy. My mom made it for breakfast. It's basically biscuits and gravy, but the gravy is chocolaty. I have the recipe, but I have not yet convinced Pao to make it for me because I am normally the one in charge of cooking breakfast.

Paola: The veggie burger has become one of my favorite dishes and most definitely a guilty pleasure. I have found a delicious veggie burger at a local restaurant near our house on the lake. What's something surprising you've learned about your spouse?

Russ: Pao is a very determined person and is always thinking of ways to better herself and others.

Paola: How supportive and patient Russ is in any situation. He believes in me more than anyone else. What time do you go to bed and wake up in the morning?

Russ: If I am working, we are typically in bed no later than 10 pm. If it is not a work night and we are relaxing with a movie or TV on, I admit that I usually pass out by 9 or 10 pm.

Paola: It all depends on Russ' schedule and if I have class or work the next day, but I am definitely a night person. What is the first thing you say to each other when you see each other at the end of the day?

Russ and Paola: "Te amo" is always the first thing we say to each other at the end of the day. What's your favorite thing to do as a couple? Any new hobbies?

Russ and Paola: We enjoy going to the gym and staying active as a couple. Our favorite thing to do together is travel and experience new things. What is your best piece of advice for solving an argument?

Russ and Paola: Take a deep breath and give each other some time to settle your frustration and decide if this argument is really worth the fight. Would you describe yourselves as homebodies or a couple out on the town?

Russ: Pao is most definitely a homebody, which has rubbed off on me, but we always enjoy a night out on the town to get away from the monotony. In five years, do you see yourselves living in the same city? If not, where would you move?

Russ and Paola: No, we do not see ourselves living in Oklahoma City. We see ourselves traveling around the world and eventually living in another country. What is one way you honor both of your cultures at home?

Russ and Paola: We speak both of our native languages and eat our favorite traditional meals. Lastly, we celebrate the holidays and special calendar events from both countries. What three words best describe your marriage?

Russ and Paola: faithful, love, crazy

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