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Mike and Aziza: Where Are They Now?

posted: 09/25/14
by: TLC
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Mike and Aziza have busy schedules but find time for romance -- and Russian cuisine.
DCL checked in again with Mike and Aziza to find out where they are now, after nearly a year of marriage. Watch their love journey unfold in this Best of Mike and Aziza video playlist. Who's the better cook in your relationship?

Mike: I think I probably have a wider range of recipes that I make, but Aziza is actually pretty good at cooking. I always like the things she makes for me.

Aziza: I think Mike is the better cook; he has more experience. What's your favorite meal or dish? Do you prefer home-cooked food or going out to restaurants?

Mike: You can't beat steak and potatoes. It's nice to not worry about cooking, so I'd probably rather eat at a restaurant if there's room in the budget for a night out.

Aziza: I like Italian cuisine. Most of the time we make food at home, but it's nice to go out every once in a while. What's something surprising you've learned about your spouse?

Mike: I'm surprised at how good of a driver Aziza has become. At first I was scared for my life riding in a car with her, but now I think I could take a nap while she drives.

Aziza: Mike is a very smart and intelligent person. It's impressive how much he knows about so many different things. What time do you go to bed and wake up in the morning?

Mike: I wake up between 5:30 and 6:00 and go to sleep around 11:30.

Aziza: Because of my job (I work second shift), I go to bed between 12:30 and 1 a.m. and I wake up between 10 and 11 a.m. What is the first thing you say to each other when you see each other at the end of the day?

Mike: Usually, "Hey, sweetie. How was your day?"

Aziza: Usually just ask how the day went and things like that. What's your favorite thing to do as a couple? Any new hobbies?

Mike: We really like to go visit family. It's always fun to visit the parents or go to New York to see the grandparents.

Aziza: We both like traveling; it's nice to go on little weekend trips. Or just simple things, like walking the dogs together can be nice and sweet. What is your best piece of advice for solving an argument?

Mike: Listen. Finding who's at fault is less important than figuring out a compromise.

Aziza: Try to listen and understand each other. Would you describe yourselves as homebodies or a couple out on the town?

Mike: We're definitely more homebodies. Between our schedules and saving up for a trip to Russia, we try to be frugal and do things that are cheap and fun if we do end up going out.

Aziza: Homebodies. In five years, do you see yourselves living in the same city? If not, where would you move?

Mike: I have always wanted to live in the Pittsburgh area. I'm a fan of the region with the rivers and proximity to the national forest (not to mention my favorite football team). In the short term, we're looking to downsize our house and get a little more land for the dogs and eventually children.

Aziza: I'm pretty sure we're not going to live here for too long. I would like to move somewhere warm, but I know Mike needs a normal winter, so we'll see how that works. What is one way you honor both of your cultures at home?

Mike: American culture obviously comes with being in America. I like to surprise Aziza with borscht sometimes, and I always enjoy when she makes a nice Russian salad or entree.

Aziza: Food is probably the only way to express my culture here. Obviously I'm surrounded by American culture every day. What three words best describe your marriage?

Mike: comforting, natural, happy

Aziza: loving, caring, comforting

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