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posted: 12/10/09
by: Michelle Duggar


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"We had twin premies -- 27 weeks gestation. 10 weeks in NICU. Praise God that all is well, but it was touch and go for a long while. Blessings to you as you heal and get to meet you beautiful baby girl." -- Nancy

"Congratulations on the birth of your little Josie! I am a NICU RN, and know first-hand the journey you are on, and will be praying for your strength, peace, and comfort! God is with you, Duggars! Have courage! Grow, Josie, grow! Love and hugs!" -- LaureAnn

"My daughter Erin was born prematurely at 25 weeks, weighing 1 lb. 12 oz. She is 23 years old now with a child of her own. You have some very rough days and weeks ahead of you, but with God's help, Josie CAN make it and be a happy, healthy baby. I wish you all the best!" -- Lynne

"Congrats on your new little bundle of joy. My son was a preemie when he was born but he wasn't as tiny as your daughter. My son was born at 34 weeks via c section because I had developed preeclampisa. My son spend a week in the NICU to gain weight and before coming home. Now my son is 2 very happy, healthy and active. I know what it's like have a preemie and one in the NICU because you feel helpless and just want to hold your baby. I wish you and your family lots of luck." -- LoriAnn

"Dear Duggars, LOVE you guys! I am a NICU nurse in Richmond, VA. So I have seen many families go through what you are experiencing. Having the Lord in your hearts will make is SO much easier! I am glad to hear you are at a good university medical center! Technology is such that your baby has a wonderful chance at becoming well! Of course, I will be praying for God's will, comfort and peace for all of you and baby Josie. Thank you for your ministry to US, the people out here in TV land. :-)" -- Diane S.

"My Grandaughter was 13 weeks early. She weighed 2lbs 3oz. Today she is a healthy 2 yearold. We went thru monts of prayer and concern.She and her sister who is 5 there was a 7 lb difference in their weight. I also have a grandaughter who was 8 weeks early and was 4 lbs and is now a beautiful 9 year old. We spent a lot of times on our knees. We now have 10 grandbabies. We will keep you in our prayers. We now have 10 grandbabies." -- Beth

"Praying for you guys. I'm a fellow Arkansasan and a mommy to a 28 weeker who surprised US unexpectedly last summer. Praying for a short (as possible) and uneventful stay in the NICU. God Bless." -- Erin

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