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Why the Duggars Are Embracing Raw Food

posted: 08/03/12
by: Michelle Duggar


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Recently my family was in San Antonio for the Reformation of Student Family Conference. Afterward some of the kids and I decided to take a few cooking classes, a French one and a raw food one. We made all sorts of stocks and sauces in the French class. But we did a lot more chopping in the raw food class!

It was my favorite class. I was encouraged by how we can do better and do more of it for the family. And it was very yummy! I'm excited about the recipes and can really see my kids eating the dishes.

The key is the way that it's prepared and the flavors that are put with the vegetables; it just makes it really good and very nutritious because it's all live enzymes that aren't cooked, and this way they stay active, which is healthier for us.

In the class we took raw walnuts and put them in a food processor with a little bit of cumin and some other spices and just very lightly chopped them up a little bit. It was a little crunchy but it tasted like taco meat, and it's an easy thing to toss on salads or put in tacos -- I was just so amazed!

It was really encouraging after we learned these raw food techniques and the benefit of buying organic produce when you can. We realized we can buy local in our area, and that buying in bulk is key for our family.

There's also a natural foods co-op where we live, and we have different friends that we can buy stuff together and split it and still get really high-quality, healthy stuff without all the pesticides. For instance, we buy organic beef with a friend and freeze it. So we're trying to put to use what we've learned where we can.

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