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What’s the last thing that made Michelle belly laugh?

posted: 06/04/10
by: Michelle Duggar


TLC: What's the last thing that made you really laugh?

Michelle: It doesn't take much (laughs). We were with our friends, our cousins -- they actually had a premature baby born a couple of months after Josie -- and we went to pick them up at the hospital and take them out for supper.

We were on our way to eat and Jim Bob started telling this story and -- probably just because stress levels are so high when you're dealing with a baby in the NICU and you're in the hospital for endless hours and you don't get out very much -- he tells this funny story and literally we were laughing so hard, and it wasn't really that funny. I think it was just a stress relief.

Jim Bob was laughing so hard that he could hardly drive - his eyes were watering and he couldn't get out the punch line because he was laughing so hard. And then I was laughing at him and our cousins were in the backseat thinking we were crazy. But they were laughing at us.

And I thought, you gotta have those moments when you let it all out; otherwise you go nuts. That was the last time I had a belly laugh -- I couldn't quit, and Jim Bob was right there with me.

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