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What’s a Book Signing Like for the Younger Duggar Kids?

posted: 08/19/11
by: Michelle Duggar


This summer on our book tour (when we loaded up our 19 kids, and at times had as many as 24 of us on our family bus), as we were going from city to city we were really surprised that large groups of people were coming out to meet us and connect with us; we just were really amazed and excited to get to meet a lot of new friends, because we feel like we're just a family.

People gave testimonies of how they had been encouraged by what we've shared in one of the shows, or something that they saw and they tried in their family and it's really helped them. And so my perspective is: We just really are praying that that's what our show and our books will be -- a source of encouragement for others. Because as we've gone along in life (we just celebrated 27 years of marriage!) we've been encouraged by so many others along life's way. And that's been our desire -- to just pass that encouragement on, if we can.

What's a book signing like for the younger kids?

When we start a book signing we all sing. And then we'll sit down to sign books, and the little ones get to be a part of it at the beginning. (Jennifer, our 4 year old, can't actually sign her name yet, but she will draw a smiley face.) Then after the first 15 or 20 minutes the little ones will go to the bus with a couple of friends that were there with us helping us with taking care of the little ones on the bus during signings. And then another group of kids, about another 20 or 30 minutes into it, will go to the bus with them.

We had special puzzles and special books and toys, games that they could do in the bus that they only get to do when we were signing books. And so they really looked forward to that time, because it was like they got to pull out the fun toys and the neat books and do the things that they don't ever get to do except when Mom and the others are inside signing the books.

Then the younger kids had naps, depending on when the book signing was; if it was in the afternoon or in the evening. And Miss Josie, (our youngest at 20 months, who was born a preemie) she just kind of goes with the flow. She definitely rocked our world and turned it upside down and changed our lives drastically at the beginning, but now she's leveling out. And this was her first road trip with us, and she did really well!

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