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Welcoming a New Grandduggar

posted: 06/17/13
by: Michelle Duggar


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We definitely are so grateful! Our sweet little grandson Marcus Anthony is here.

Sunday, June 2 was an early one for us. We got a phone call around 4 a.m. from Josh who said that Anna was in labor. Jessa and I headed over to their house right away. I was so honored that Anna had asked for me to be there for the delivery, and Jessa was the official babysitter for the day.

Anna and Josh had planned to deliver the baby in a Fort Smith, Arkansas birthing center with a midwife, so we headed right out. It just so happened that Jana and Jill, who were also part of Anna's birth team, were already in Fort Smith. One of their clients had just had a baby that morning. They delivered one baby, finished up and then drove ten minutes over to where Anna and Josh were going to be. It was perfect. They were already there when we arrived. We were all really, really excited!

When we arrived around 7 a.m., Anna was in very active labor. It ended up going really quickly. About three hours later the baby was born. Anna did amazing; she's just incredible. She prayed through all of her contractions. When they got really hard she just started praying. Eventually the baby came and little Marcus was absolutely perfect and beautiful. We heard his first cry and it was just the sweetest music to our ears. He is a good-sized boy, bigger than her other two children by far at 9 pounds, 3 ounces. He was the same length as his daddy Joshua -- they were both 21 inches.

Getting to be a grandparent is awesome. I think the greatest part is that we get all of this joy. We have all the fun and the joy without all of the responsibilities. I don't have to remember to pack the diaper bag and get all the supplies together because Anna and Josh do that and they do such a good job. They're doing such a wonderful job and it's even that much more exciting for us to see them loving their children, training them and raising their children in the ways of God. They're using the scriptures as their guide through this whole parenting thing and it's the same owner's manual for life that we used. It's so precious to see them share some of the hymns and songs from when Josh was a little guy with their children. I've heard Anna and Josh both saying a lot of similar things that Jim Bob and I have said to all of ours when they were young. I see other things that they do and I think I wish I would've done that! They make an incredible parenting team and we couldn't be more thrilled for them.

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