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Volunteerism for the Kids

posted: 09/29/10
by: Michelle Duggar


TLC: Do you have any news about the older kids?

Michelle: John-David, Jana, and Jill have their First Responder training certificates now! John-David was on the volunteer fire department, but now Jana and Jill have joined too. They have responded to car wrecks and fire calls. It's just amazing -- the stories that they come home and share of what's going on and how they were able to assist somebody.

I think it's just a neat thing to see your older ones having this service attitude. They really wanted to go out and make a difference in peoples' lives. And just getting to hear those stories -- when they get a call and they fly out the door, we're praying.

I'm praying for them, praying for whoever they're going to help. It's neat that there are new seasons of life for each one of the kids, you know, that they're doing different things that they enjoy.

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