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On the Splendors of Fall Foods

posted: 10/14/11
by: Michelle Duggar


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Fall is our family's favorite time of year. We love to make soup and homemade bread; it's one of our favorite meals. For me, when the temperature drops it signals hot soup and chili weather. It's such a nice change from the hot summertime foods.

Our kitchen changes when it turns to fall, because we're baking a lot more and there's a lot more activity going on. Apples come into season, about now. We pick apples where we live, but it's also nice just to buy some on the roadside that are already in bushel baskets. We use them to make apple pies and applesauce.

The kids and I have tried to make pumpkin pie from scratch, using fresh pumpkins. It turned out okay, but it wasn't anything like our favorite store-bought ones. We were very industrious, anyway! Probably if we'd had an experienced pumpkin pie person with us, it would have turned out much better, but it really made us appreciate all of that canned pumpkin that we buy now -- it makes you realize how much work goes into it.

My daughter Jill is our soup expert. She makes an awesome tortilla soup that we serve with corn chips. It's a Mexican style soup that everyone loves, and you can make it without the chicken and substitute beans instead if you'd like.

I have several soup favorites, and they vary depending what kind of mood I'm in. I love chicken and dumplings. The boys like to make the dumplings with this cool little dumpling maker, and all you have to do is throw the eggs in the flour and a little bit of water and salt in it. You just throw it in there, and it stirs it all up and spits it out as noodles, however thick you want them.

Another favorite is when Jill makes minestrone soup. And then, of course, broccoli cheese soup is another one of my favorites. What about you all - do you have any favorite fall soups?

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