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Remembering Grandpa Ruark

posted: 09/08/10
by: Michelle Duggar


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My daddy was a good dad and we had lots of good memories with him that we were talking about -- and I think he's a trooper. I mean, he was a World War Two veteran, and many, many times he'd say how he was so grateful that he made it through all of that, raised seven children, and just had a really happy life. I think he made a happy home for his children.

I have a lot to be thankful for -- a good dad and sweet memories, and it's sad that he's not here. A dear friend of mine is making a special memorial we're going put on the wall that will keep him in front of my little ones' eyes, because, of course, they're not going to remember Grandpa Ruark. His eulogy that my brother wrote is going be on our wall with pictures all around it, two big frames, and so that way they'll be able to remember Grandpa Ruark even though they didn't get to sit on his lap and play with him. My brother and I still talk about our grandfather who died when we were too young to know him, and just to be able to talk about the stories is so important to us.

We did this really fun thing with my daddy, because we would always hear bits and pieces of the war stories, and just about how he met Momma, and all those details. So Josh -- he must have been about 10 -- we set up a camera, and Josh interviewed Grandpa, and we got this really sweet video of my dad just telling his life story, and everything from how he met Momma, how they were when they were married, and the older kids and the experiences they had vacationing.

I think it was just a neat thing that, you know, the oldest child got to do that. Josh had a lot of questions we wrote down, and so it just kinda makes it live on in the lives of the rest of the kids, and I think it'll be something that they'll enjoy having for their kids to see about their great grandpa, all these great stories.

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