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posted: 04/15/10
by: Michelle Duggar


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TLC: You've mentioned that you've looked around the NICU and realized there are a lot of other families going through the same experience and that it's a powerful reminder that we all lean on each other. Have other moms shared their experiences with you?

Michelle: We have a pumping room at the hospital there for mothers to express their milk for their baby, because can't take the milk immediately when they're born. I was expressing all this milk but Josie wasn't getting any of it all yet - it was like a month before she was able to take any food by mouth. Anyway, I told this one mom, "I've got a freezer full of milk. I'm collecting all this milk, what am I going to do with it?!! Should I give it away?" She said "No, no, no, no. You'll need it later. You'll have to mix fortifiers in it so the baby can gain."

So I was getting all this good information from a mom who had been there and had gone before me and could tell me, "This is what you do." I thought that was really helpful and there have been many others who shared - like, "Make sure you take pictures each day and journal. And keep all the little keepsakes that typically might get thrown in the trash that they might use for the baby."

So, I mean a lot of those things I would never even thought of had it not been for the other parents and different moms sharing information with me, because you're caught up in the emotion of it and the moment of it, and you just can't think outside of where you are at that point.

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