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On Pulling Together

posted: 04/21/10
by: Michelle Duggar


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TLC: You've temporarily pulled up stakes to be closer to Josie while she's in the hospital in Little Rock. How are you doing as a family unit, and are there certain things you all are doing to ground yourselves -- routines and so on?

Michelle: Yes. I think it was the day after, or two days later that Josie was born that we began to discuss what this meant for our family as far as realizing that this was going to be a long ordeal. We really felt like it was important for our family to stay together and not to allow this to pull us apart but really to cause us to be strengthened and pull closer. So we made the decision that we would relocate -- we call it camp out (laughs). We're camping out in Little Rock. We moved the bare necessities of life. We brought our mattresses and laid them on the floor and we brought our schoolwork and computers.

It really has been a time of pulling together as a family. And I really believe it has strengthened us. It has not been easy. This whole process of Josie being in the hospital, the children not being able to visit her because it's flu season, everything, has not been easy. The majority of my time now is spent at the hospital. Initially I wasn't there as much because I wasn't able to touch her - she was on no-stimulus guidelines at birth. But as time went on I was able to do more and take care of her more.

Through all of that I've seen a lot of things happen in our family. I've seen some of my younger children -- that typically are the ones following along and just enjoying the bliss of not having a whole lot of responsibility -- really step up to the plate and do a lot of things just because they realize there's a need. We've teamed up and made buddy teams that work on keeping up with the laundry because I'm not here jumping in and helping with it all the time. And the dishes, and keeping up with all the things that I would typically pick up the slack on, too. We all work as a team together anyways, always, but without Mom being here, it's not always as smooth.

I've seen my children do things just because they know that they're needed at this time more than ever before. That's precious, I praise them for that. "What a blessing you all have been to mama's heart. Here I've felt so pulled between the hospital with Josie here and you guys back home. But I have full confidence. I've seen you guys being mature and acting like little helpers, that typically you're not used doing this job, but you're doing it and I'm just so grateful." There have been good things that have come from this.

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