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Movie Night at the Duggars

posted: 09/14/12
by: Michelle Duggar


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With school in full force again, we like to have Friday night movie time and watch movies like "Flywheel," the original "Cheaper by the Dozen," and for the younger kids, "Bambi. And, it's actually an earned privilege. We'll pick out a movie for that Friday, and everybody knows their checklist has to be accomplished by the end of the week.

This includes their chores, their jurisdictions, all their schoolwork and their music practice. If something happens during the week and their schedule gets bumped, or they're not able to catch up, then we try to help them catch up.

But if they've been lazy and they slacked off and they didn't really focus on getting all their checklist items done, they may miss out on that movie time because -- and I know this sounds really hard -- but it's all about "you work hard and then you play." And it's also the same for free time; they can play when they've earned their free time.

If the kids really want to do something on the computer (like an air-flight simulator where the boys can learn how to fly an airplane just like a real plane) they have to finish all their stuff for that day. And then I have to decide if it's even feasible because they have to do it in a certain place where it's not going to be a distraction for others who aren't finished with all their stuff.

But then there are other times, like Saturday, which is just our family day when we just chill out and don't do any work, and it's all just family time. We'll go on bike rides or we'll watch our old home videos, which is quite a hoot. And the kids love it -- it's a time to just sit around and enjoy, relax and not have to work on Saturdays because that's our day of rest.

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