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Mission Trips for the Kids

posted: 10/06/10
by: Michelle Duggar


TLC: Tell us about Jana and John-David's mission trip to Asia.

Michelle: They went to Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. They were gone for a good stretch of time and had a great experience there, and I think just came back really focused in a neat way. I see a lot of neat things that I think impacted them, because life is not just what we know in America.

They were working with children in all of the settings they visited, and training children with character classes, and teaching Bible stories with the character focus of attentiveness and loyalty and obedience and responsibility. And so they said it was really interesting. It's a whole different mindset, of course, because sometimes they had to have interpreters because they couldn't even speak the language.

The children there have a real excitement of learning, and are open to foreigners. There were some places that they went that were very poor, and they saw such poverty, yet the children had smiles on their faces. They were joyful. It wasn't like they felt they were deprived, because they didn't know any different.

Jana ended up getting sick and John-David got sick as they were coming home, but it was eye-opening, I think, because they realized that what we experience here in America with all of the electricity and the running water and the luxury of even having the hospital if you need it -- Jana was so sick that she had to go to a doctor.

It was a whole different setting than what we're used to in America, and yet I think they came home with a greater appreciation, for one thing, of realizing that what we have is not what everyone else is experiencing. At the same time, the kids were thankful to be able to go and visit and be a part of the lives of these people, for the time they were allowed to experience another way of life.

They'd probably express it better than I could. Jana has such a serving heart that she would take in as many as she could if there were orphans and what not, and John-David's more - he's a servant. He likes to work with his hands, and so, of course, he's, like, "We'll go build them houses and help the ones that we can." And Jana's like, "Well, let's take them in and adopt them" -- each one has their different gift and perspective on how they want to help.

It was definitely eye-opening for them, and I think they came back with a more renewed service heart, looking for ways to reach out.

TLC: Do think that there may be other mission trips like that planned?

Michelle: I wouldn't be surprised. I mean, they have to save up and there are commitments that they've already got going on here that they have to work around and stuff, but I think, you know, I wouldn't be surprised if they do a mission trip again in the future.

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