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Michelle on the Importance of Life Skills

posted: 05/16/10
by: Michelle Duggar


TLC: Do you have a life philosophy when it comes to education?

Michelle: I just tell my children, "You know guys, you can gain skills along the way. Life is a classroom. You're never finished learning. Dad learned how to build a house at 40 and never knew anything about construction." I nurture the ability to gain skills and using them to help your family and other people - I think you can't gain enough skills.

The other day the girls got a call from a friend - the friend was on her way to our house to bring us a meal, it was so sweet - and their car broke down, they had a flat tire. And my girls were like, "No problem - we'll come change it for you. We know how to do all that." And the mom was like, "You're kidding?" And the girls said, "No, our dad taught us how to do all that. We'll be there in a few minutes." They can change the oil, too.

Those are life skills. My girls can learn the basics, and they know how to do things like that. So they're prepared when a crisis comes up in life to help others and themselves. Life is about loving God and serving others, and whatever you can learn along the way that God enables you to do to better equip you to do those two things, by all means go for it. If it means higher education and college - becoming a nurse or a doctor, or whatever - whatever the Lord lays on your heart to do, go for it. There's no limit to what they can learn.

Michelle Answers: Are any of the kids talking about college?

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