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Michelle Duggar’s Snapshot of China

posted: 03/28/13
by: Michelle Duggar


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Travel question from a "19 Kids and Counting" fan: What were some of your most memorable moments from your trip to China?

One of the most interesting things was the response we'd get from the crowds when we all walked around together. We're a very unusual sight! We're all blonde or fair-haired, and a really huge group. Our interpreter would try and tell people that this is all one family. And boy, I thought people were going to fall over. They just couldn't even fathom having a family as large as ours. Even the double stroller was such an eye catcher for the Chinese. I don't think many people had ever seen one before. They just don't have much need for double strollers because typically most families have only one child. Every time that double stroller came out, people would crowd around and look in the stroller to see what was in there. Are there really two kids? And sure enough, Mackynzie and Michael would be in the stroller, and they'd all be going "Oh!" and "Ah!" A lot of people would come up and touch their blonde hair. In China, they were not the least bit afraid to come up and just touch your kids' heads. It was really interesting!

The Great Wall was a really amazing destination to visit. Just going up those huge mountains, climbing the massive structure and hearing the history of the Wall was incredible. We got to experience the older part of the Wall one day, and then we went to the more modern tourist area the next day. On the way up, there is a market where they sell souvenirs, and you barter and try to get the best bargains. That was a lot of fun. The kids especially loved that, trying to get good deals and bargains on stuff to take home. I think the local people got the real bargains, though. We thought we were getting a deal, but really, they probably got the better end of the deal! But it was fun bartering. We came back with some wonderful treasures from China and fantastic family memories.

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